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I think I photograph more twins than any other photographer in Westchester!  Happy to hold the title, I swear each set of twins makes me so happy as they are always so much fun and are so incredibly connected to each other.  I find they are much more touchy-feely than regular siblings and it always makes for such great images.

These two were no exception.  Giggles, hugs and hamming for the camera the whole session.  I loved every second.  Their mom loves photography and it was so nice working with someone who appreciated the process so much, so thank you Daniela!


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  • Daniela Mortelliti-Rubino

    Cristina, thank you for capturing the priceless moments of silliness, happiness, sisters bonding, budding personalities, laughter and love. But truly, the list goes on and on. You have an amazing talent and eye. You know when to choose the perfect moment, a second really and then turning it into a photo that tells a story. But the best thing about that story is that it will live on for generations to come on that photo. Thank you again for the memories and for smiling with us!!!
    Daniela Rubino