Third time is a charm…

I have been photographing this little girl since she was a year old!  It’s been so amazing over the past three years seeing my clients’ kids grow up and see the changes in their personality and how big they get each year!

I love that she remembers me now and thinks I’m kind of fun.  (The feeling is mutual, by the way)  I love that she’s a tough cookie and lets me in just enough to see her soft side.  I love that she’ll sit still just long enough to get a lollipop.  Which is exactly what we told her when I took this shot…


Before the lollipop suggestion we had quite a pout, but that is just the sort of thing that happens when you are three.  You all know that I like a little pout now and then.


After the lollipop there is always a fantastic sugar rush!


Stephanie gets an album from me every year.  I just love it when she tells me how they look at it together all the time and how special they are to their family.  I am secretly hoping that this is the album cover because it’s kind of perfect in my eyes…

and this will be a such a cute spread, don’t you think? :)

Thank you Stephanie and Mike.  Again!


  • Melissa

    I love the shot where she is running! Both feet are off the ground! Beautiful!

  • Christine

    Really beautiful, c!