Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. {Cristina Coco Westchester Maternity Photographer}

I’ve photographed my dear friend Melissa before.  (Photographer playdate) She’s my local photographer buddy – the one I call when I need someone to listen to me vent about business, a new lens, a problem with photoshop…  she kinda gets what I mean and she is a GREAT sounding board.  I’m so lucky to have met her!

So a few months ago when she asked me to do her maternity pictures I was floored.  Honored.  Thrilled.  Terrified!

Another photographer asking you to photograph them is such a privilege.   Made me feel so validated and happy!  Thank you Melissa for allowing me to photograph such an important time!

Here are a few from the urban session we did.  So much fun and her kiddos are just angels.

I haven’t had a chance to go through them all, but this is my first round of love.

This is my favorite of the day!  Too cute a family, right?

She had this shirt made for our session.  Photogs everywhere are going to be calling Melissa!

I love this!

This big red sculpture was just begging for some love…

I can’t decide if this is too odd (she does look like she’s floating!) but it’s kind of cool to me!

This is so her.  I love ya girl!!!!  Thank you SOOOO much! xoxoxoxo

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much Coco for coming out to meet us today. The pics look great, not sure why you were so nervous. Kieran keeps asking me “Where’s Coco?” Thank you again for a great morning!

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful! What a perfect little belly Melissa has! So cute!! I totally get the “terrified” part. It must be nerve-wracking! But you did a great job!! xo

  • Andrea Hallett

    These are beautiful -the family and the pictures!

  • gwen

    These are fabulous photos! Melissa, you look stunning, as always. Good job, Cristina – super fun!

  • Maureen P. Highland, NY

    Love them. The picture in the red tube is awesome. Where was this shoot? You all look great Melissa.

  • Kathy Bousquet

    What beautiful pictures of my daughter and her family! I can see why she wanted you to do this special shoot for them!

  • Timothy Pham

    What an awesome awesome session! Congrats Melissa!

  • Krista Muskovin

    You look amazing Melissa, beautiful images Coco!

  • Julie Sowers

    Melissa, you look fabulous! Awesome job Cristina!! The one on the rounded brick walk is stunning! I want that in my area!

  • Haley Lancaster

    you rocked this- as I knew you would. Melissa looks beautiful. great great happy pics :)

  • Mollie Kendall

    I love them Coco!! Melissa you look fantastic! Love that last shot oodles!

  • Karen

    wow, these are incredible! melissa – how cute are you?? love them all! :)

  • Cristina

    thanks everyone!