Sorry that I’ve been away… {Cristina Coco, Cape Cod child photographer}


Well, I’ve been on Cape Cod for a week and it’s been wonderful.  I actually haven’t done any (real) work for a week and it has been an actual vacation!  I didn’t have much of a choice, actually, as we haven’t had internet here the whole time!  No emails, no facebook, no blog!! Honestly, verizon DSL can kiss my you-know-what.  I’ve been fighting with them since I got here, and I still don’t actually have internet – I’ve picked up my neighbor’s wi-fi, so I feel a little guilty using it…  desperate times!  :)  Verizon swears it will be up by Monday, but I’m not holding my breath!

I had a great Fourth with my friends and family.  This is my favorite shot of the week – my nephew AJ right at sun down.  We just don’t get open sky’s like this in New York, and I love photographing it.  Can you believe this kid is only seven?  He’s so tall and sweet as can be.  I just adore him and his brother and am so lucky to be spending time with them.  Little J just worships them!

I will shooting up here for the next few weeks, please contact me if you are in the Cape Cod area – I have three spots left before I leave in August!