That all I do when I look at the images from yesterday’s session.  Let me start by saying – I think that every child I photograph is nothing less than beautiful and perfect.  Seriously, I just see every one of them as stunning, gorgeous creatures waiting to be captured by my camera.  But every once in a while you are introduced to model-like kids (I mean, seriously flawless – Angelina Jolie needs to watch her back kind of perfect) and your mind goes into a fantasy where you are shooting an ad campaign for the Gap and there are 15 stylists and assistants are bringing you coffee and…  oh, sorry – back to reality…

Obviously, this was one of those sessions!  Honestly, the two most stunning girls.  Plus, they couldn’t have been any sweeter or any more fun.  I had a blast and I LOVE every picture.  Thank you Joe and Laurie and your adorable girls!!!





  • Melissa

    Awesome eyes!! Where was this shoot? Very nice location.

  • april todd

    Beautiful work!!! What a lovely family…

  • CPortale

    These are really amazing. You continue to capture an essence that is hard to describe but makes it wonderful to look at the photos again and again.

  • shari


  • Kelly

    You’re right, the girls are truly gorgeous! Nice work!

  • Cristina

    Thanks everyone! Melissa, it is at a private country club in Cape Cod – I’m up here working/playing right now! Leaving on Monday. :(

  • Lauren

    WOW!!! Can’t wait to see you soon! These are amazing!

  • Haley Lancaster

    am i surprised you rocked this session? um…NO!

  • Cristina

    Lauren – I can’t wait to see you too! Just a month away now!
    Haley – thank you!