Practice, Practice, Practice


Just got back from an AMAZING weekend to DC with photographer Brianna Graham.  Met tons of great photographers and new friends.  I can’t express how much the trip inspired me – nothing like being around a bunch of crazy talented people to up your game a bit.

This little girls name was Claire, she was wonderful and sweet and did just about everything I asked as long as I let her take a picture of her mom with my camera after we were done.  She and I instantly clicked and I loved working with her.

Hope you’re weekend was as wonderful as mine!

  • Eliza

    You ROCK!!! This is gorgeous!

  • Ange

    Gorgeous photo and girl. Was the building really purple?

  • Cristina

    It was purple. I saw it and ran across the street with her. Hope the owners of the townhouse didn’t mind! LOL.