Portrait work {Cristina Coco, Westchester Portrait Photographer}

I have playing around with straight up portrait work and studio lighting while working through these snow storms and yucky weather.  I have to shoot and I’m waiting for way too many babies to be born next month!  I find my chances to do things for myself when I can and I like to do things a little differently than my work-work.  It keeps me balanced and helps me continue to learn.

So here is a studio shot of my grandfather.  He’s headed towards 97 years old.  He was quite the sensation when I posted him last summer, (see his birthday post here) so I thought I would keep his popular face on the blog!

I find that I love photographing children and the elderly.  Book ends of the spectrum of  life.   I think it’s because children are amazed at every little wonder, everything is fun and exciting and brand new.  Older ladies or gentlemen (like this fine fellow here) are comfortable in their own skin.  They worry about the little things like the weather and the car, but have lost that self obsession that so many of us in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s get so stuck in.  Worrying about what we look like or how people perceive us.  With elderly people, it’s just them.  Take it or leave it, they really don’t care what you think because they are who they are.

I get just as caught up as the next person in how I don’t want to get older, skin sagging, muscles not as tight…  but there has to be something so peaceful about finding that peace with yourself.  I’m looking forward to that part!

  • Kim H

    Just LOVE this photo of your grandfather! what expression and story from a single black and white portrait!

  • http://www.christinedesavino.com Christine DeSavino

    If you’ve got his genes, you’ve got nothing to worry about, honey! That is a truly wonderful portrait, Coco!

  • http://www.labellalucephoto.com Michelle Henrick