Pirates Who Love Marshmallows {Cristina Coco Westchester Family Photographer}

We had a really fun time at Oakland beach – it was a beautiful night for pirates to play on a boat and dock.  Well, that is until the rain started!

We got in a few with the beautiful sun, but then the clouds rolled in and it got so dark!  Didn’t stop these two from being absolutely adorable.  Well, that and a bag of mini marshmallows.  Marshmallows always help.  Oh, and tickling.  Tickling is good.

I just love the brotherly love, don’t you?

Land ho!

Many thanks to these handsome little pirates!  I had a great time playing with you!!


  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    these are the sweetest brother pictures EVER!! I was expecting patches and swords…. not smiles and hugs. Love this session :)

  • http://www.studiolifephotos.com Natalie Clayshulte

    These guys are so cute!! I love it!

  • Jennifer Breheny

    Simply adorable of my two little friends! Julie loved working with you :)

  • Julie McRedmond

    tickling certainly works everytime, especially with these two. you captured that moment beautifully. thanks again for a perfect session.

  • http://www.shortstoriesphotography.com Julie Sowers

    These two are adorable!!! Great memories and images!!

  • http://www.christinedesavino.com Christine DeSavino

    Love em!!!! Land ho!