Photographers Playdate

So all mom’s love a good play date – a little time out with the kids, meet new people, and let the kiddos get all that energy out of them.  Well, when two photographer moms get together you have to add a little something more –  basically it’s another excuse for us to take shots of kids!

Melissa Surprise (Surprise Photography) and I have been chatting for a while over photography forums and Facebook so we decided to get our act together and meet as we are only about an hour away.  I’m always amazed at how easy it is to hang with other photographers – we’re really all cut from the same cloth and it’s great to have so much in common!

We headed to Cold Spring, NY and had so much fun over coffee and walking around this cute antique town!  To start, I’m borderline obsessed with her youngest son’s eyes and AMAZING hair!


kscloseMy goal for the day was to capture big brother without a “dino-roar” face.  This guy is so smart – he can name all the dinosaurs by name!  Geez, I can’t even pronounce them right!  Anyway, no Dino face here!  Although I do like how it looks like a dinosaur is creeping up on him in the fence shot!

BSPLAYDATEWe were waiting around for this adorable little kids shop to open, Born Lucky, so we killed some time outside the front.  The owner Kristen was so nice and the kids had a blast in the store.  Of course I spent some money there – big shock for those that know me!


Melissa shooting the guys – see her shot here! BTW, I love that the sign says “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Headquarters” !!!


No child photographer can turn away from a really beautiful brick wall.  Love!

brick sb

And finally, my little man doing what he does best – playing with cars.  He will find a race track where ever he is…

wallplayCheck out Melissa’s site too – Surprise Photography – it’s always cool to see how two photographers see things through different eyes and angles.  She’s a great photographer and really sweet.  Plus, I’ve decided with names like Cristina Coco and Melissa Surprise we have the best photographer names ever.  Either that or we can open up a burlesque show and we wouldn’t need new stage names – it’s Coco and Surprise!  :)

Thanks Melissa and the Surprise kids, we had a blast!!

  • Aleza

    Absolutely adorable – looks like a fun day out!

  • Leslie

    You crack me up…you two do have the best names! Beautiful pictures, the first and second one just melt my heart!

  • Melissa

    Awesome!! That would be a great show, but you would tower over me. :)

  • gwendolyn waite

    Awesome photos! Such beautiful models – looks like you two had a fun time!

  • carolyn bowles

    Wish I could have joined in on the fun! Looks so spectacular. Love all the images – I can tell you all had a great time, kids included!

  • Cristina

    Thanks everyone! We had so much fun.