Photo tips – catch lights!

I saw this camera phone challenge on i heart faces and thought it would be such a great post!

I get asked all the time from clients, what kind of camera should I get?  What lenses?  What brand?  Yes, if you’re a pro all this is a really important part of the equation.  As an amateur – not so much.  It all comes down to light.  An easy way for non-professionals to see if they are in nice light for a portrait is to look for catch lights in your subject’s eyes.  That’s the reflection in there that makes eyes look bright and sparkly.  Without them you rarely have a great picture.  If you can’t see catch lights your subject is not in the right place!  Move or turn your little friend to a different spot until those eyes are sparklin’ at ya. A shady spot with wide open space behind the photographer is fantastic.  Also when outdoors, having your subject looking up at you even the tiniest bit will create bigger catch lights from the reflection of the sky in their eyes.  Indoors?  About 3 feet from a big window will do wonders.

I promise you – a great camera will only help you get lucky every once in a while.  The right light will get you a great image almost every time.

A little proof?  This is a shot taken with my camera phone and doctored up with a 1970’s/funky color vibe with Instagram – my favorite Iphone app EVER.  See the little reflection in the eyes?  It’s what brings his eyes to life!  Even in a phone shot.

have fun!  If you have any questions, drop me an email!
Also, if you are just starting out – this is a great website to inspire you. They have photo challenges every week and it’s so much fun!

  • Lisa

    what a cute pic!!

  • Jill

    So sweet!

  • emily

    it is a beautiful image

  • Heather Leigh

    Wow great focus especially with an camera phone!

  • Kelly Rowe

    look at those eyes! love the yellow too…

  • 1ne Proud Mama

    Great shot! His eyes look awesome. Thanks for the tips too. I am an amateur/learning to be a photographer so I love absorbing any knowledge I can get!

  • Kelly H-Y

    Really fun shot!!!!

  • Melissa

    saw this on the photo challenge, cant believe it was taken with a cell phone, lovely!!

  • Cristina

    thank you!

    Was taken on vacation, my son wrapped up in the hotel towels! He was on a chaise under the edge of an umbrella and I was above him so I got some great sky catch lights and there was a natural reflector on his face as we were right by the pool.

    I took a few with my phone and a few with my point and shoot. This was the iphone one and even though the quality is better on the point and shoot this expression is SO HIM so it’s my fave!

    as for the focus… iphones rock! ;)

  • Jessica

    This is a great shot. I know what you mean about the right light. Love the his eyes and the yellow softness of the towel. Instagram is my favorite app ever.

  • tricia nugen

    I love catch lights! Great job!

  • Casey Langen

    Love it, beautiful eyes, so cute :)

  • Nicole

    Great capture! Love the colors!

  • kristina

    beautiful!! a winner for sure!!

  • Melissa

    So beautiful!!

  • Kim H

    LOVE this picture!!! Brilliant! What a cutie he is!

  • Karen

    gorgeous eyes!! love!