Eyes like a deer… seriously!

I know I think all the kids I work with are beautiful, but these eyes!  Wow!!  Deep and rich and shiny as can be.  Photographer’s dream!  Unfortunately, I was not this little guy’s dream as it was a little too close to his nap and he really just wanted to be held by mommy.  It happens sometimes – when it does we see what we get and if we have to we’ll try again.  I still got a bunch because he was so fascinated with my camera.  Gotta love that about one year olds.  So while we didn’t get the fun, creative shots we did get some beautiful head shots for his Christmas card!

This is my favorite of the session, I love it!!!



  • Kim Haywood

    love those eyes! they are like big, dark deep puddles of cuteness

  • http://www.surprisephotography.com/blog/ Melissa

    WOW! Those are some killer eyes!