New Little Southern Baby – Way Up North!

This beautiful little guy just arrived two weeks ago.  His parents moved here in November, so technically he’s a beautiful Southern boy living in New York.  He held up to all the cliches about our Southern friends – sweet as could be and just such a little charmer.

He slept the ENTIRE time.  Seriously, he only made a peep for a bottle and then right back down again.  I wish I could have gotten more shots with his eyes open (they were a beautiful blue) but you’re just going to have to drool over the sleepy pictures and hope your kid sleeps this well.  Oh, wait.  That was my dream.  Sorry.  :)


SGNEW copy

I know.  Perfect baby.  Smiles in his sleep too.  Sigh….

And finally, another reason I should have had my son when I was a little younger?  (Besides getting to meet him sooner?)  I didn’t look this good a year after having him, much less two weeks!!

sg4 copy

Haley, it was so nice getting to know you and your little guy!  He’s dreamy!

  • Haley Lancaster

    that last one is so so so so great. the others are too of course, but that last one. ugh!

  • Cristina

    Thanks Haley, she is such a beautiful mom! I actually thought of you today because her name was Haley too! :) Miss you!

  • Erin Carlyle

    WOWSERS! You got some amazing shots. That baby is PRECIOUS!

  • Andrea

    Once again amazing! Those pictures are something else! The first one is all anyone could ever ask for! Great job!

  • Haley Graham

    Thank you Cristina! These pictures are perfect. I just can’t wait to see more!

  • Julia Starrett

    Absolutely Beautiful!!

  • Cristina

    Thank you everyone! I’m so glad you like them Haley! Your gallery will be ready soon. :)

  • http://CristinaCoco Linda Keyes

    I am Smith Graham’s great aunt – and I LOVE the pictures –
    Can’t wait to get my copies –