New Albums!

I am so excited that I am now carrying a new type of custom-made, hand crafted album for my clients.  I can’t even tell you how yummy they are – I wish these pictures did them justice!!  Let’s face facts, I am a people photographer for sure and not a product photographer.  Well, shoot, I don’t care –  I just really wanted to share this!

To describe – they are 9×9 inches, and to help you get a visual – half coffee table book, half wedding album. The pages are beautifully thick and heavy (think wedding album) and the cover isn’t that typical album old black leather – I use an image from your session so it is completely designer and custom made for you (that’s the super-beautiful coffee table book part).  The year and your family or the child’s name is on the binding.  No two albums are the same and I LOVE designing them!

Please contact me for more information – I am happy to create this for old clients that missed out!  A fabulous holiday gift for your spouse and other loved ones.  I love that this will be part of your family history forever – my client that picked hers up yesterday got a bit misty (which, of course, made me all teary too) and it just really touches my heart.

Did I mention that I love this new album?  Ok, I’ll stop gushing now.  Seriously!  :)


  • Fiona’s Mommy

    Cristina – You are right. The album is so beautiful in person. It’s a treasure. Thank you! Sniff sniff…

  • Kelly

    Oh wow! That is gorgeous!

  • Haley Lancaster

    that looks fantastic– great job– i know making those is not easy!

  • Cristina

    Thank you! I really am obsessed!!

  • Rae Mati

    Those are definitely yummy – I’m getting myself some!