Mommy and me (x3)

This is a post for a friend of mine who had a rough day today.  I’m hoping this will make her feel a little better – she is stronger than I’ll ever be, THAT I know for sure!!

Doreen is the mom of three beautiful little girls – I was lucky enough to make a trip this weekend to help capture some memories for them.  It was a special session, as quick as it was, and I’m so happy that I was able to do this for them!

This was my first shot of the session.  Big and middle sister we VERY excited for our photo shoot.  The littlest one?  Not so sure yet.  That’s kind of why I like this image – it shows a little bit of who they are individually even though it’s a group and shot.  Sometimes I like the ones where everything isn’t perfect!

dor2Could they be more beautiful????  I love how they are all mushed together.


And then a little bit of everyone…  hey, they are sisters and you know each one wants their own spotlight for a second.




My favorite shot – it just is so beautiful to me and makes me all sappy inside.  SUCH LOVE!

dor4Thank you Doreen for letting me capture you and your beautiful girls.  I hope tomorrow is a good day!!


  • Andrea

    Holy moley, this might be your best yet. No joke. STUNNING.

  • Cristina

    Thanks Andrea! They are a beautiful bunch, made my job easy! :)

  • Karen

    these are absolutely gorgeous! beautiful work!

  • Amy

    wow, wow, wow!! these are so tender. what beautiful girls! seeing the ones of the mom with them makes me want more girls. beautiful family! gorgeous pp!

  • Sue Ford

    Beautiful, beautiful pitures. They will bring a smile to your face each time you look at them. I just love these girls.

  • Marianne Brown

    Wow, these are beautiful pictures! Love and hugs go out to my friend Doreen, she is more amazing and beautiful then even this pictures capture! What a great way to capture the love they share everyday.

  • Christine DeSavino

    I love these, Cristina – very beautiful!

  • Cristina

    Thank you!

  • Melissa

    What a beautiful family!

  • Susie

    Holy geez do I love that shot of Mama with her 3 girls. I need one of those! Just found your site today through Melissa Davis’- lovely work, dear.