Mia Dawn {westchester photographer Cristina Coco}

Mia Dawn. Isn’t that just such a beautiful name?

I’ve known Mia since she was little – she is my best friend’s cousin so I’ve watched her grow up into a stunning young woman. I have been thinking about getting into High School senior photography and so when Mia’s mom asked me to photograph her I basically jumped up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah. Seriously, wait til you see her…

I had to trick Mia into doing this… if her mom had told her she wanted me to take her picture she never would have gone along with it… so I sort of told a little fib and said she was doing me a favor. Being the sweet girl she is, she went along with it and was a total trooper. She knows the truth now, and even though she wasn’t thrilled initially, I think she *sort* of ‘fessed up that she had a good time and I am hoping and praying (and kind of sweating) that she will like these!!

So here is Mia Dawn. She gets lots of previews because I had to tell her a fib and I feel bad. ;)

I wanted to try a bunch of different locations, the beach was her favorite…  (oh, and she likes the one on the right because she looked tall.  hee hee)  I’m kind of digging these Jcrew inspired sea glass colors if I do say so myself)

Really, how freaking pretty is she????

I told her these wouldn’t be corny.  Hmm, maybe they are but they make me happy, ok?

Love this blue wall I found!!

Thank you Mia for letting me take your picture.  And no, you’re not awkward silly.  Told ya so.

  • Lorraine Nesesnohn

    Great pics Cris!

  • Michele

    wow, she is absolutely stunning! beautiful work :)

  • vera

    i love these the r beautiful i love te ones in the stripe dress

  • Melissa

    What a beautiful girl. Love the locations! Great job Coco!

  • kimbrali

    awkward? ya kiddin me? shes beautiful. love the clothing and locations and processing. you did a great job coco. cant wait to see more seniors from you!

  • Melissa Canter

    Gorgeous!!! Love the soft beachy ones and the black and whites are very cool…

  • http://www.studiopham.com Timothy Pham

    Your senior is beautiful. You rocked the location and the session. That first series of 4 photos is absolutely gorgeous!

  • http://www.mistyphoto.com Misty Matz

    BE.U.TI.FUL!! You nailed it Coco!! LOVE the soft ones!!

  • http://www.christinedesavino.com Christine DeSavino

    Rockin!!! I just love all of these, Coco! And she IS a stunner!

  • http://www.simple-expressionsphotography.com Paige

    These are beautiful! I especially love the first series at the beach. Such pretty, soft colors and a beautiful senior!

  • maria gennarelli

    Wow….Beautiful Shoot….Gorgeous subject.

  • http://www.kristamuskovinphotography.com Krista Muskovin

    umm gorgeous!! the images and Mia.

  • http://www.lanemarie.net lane

    oh coco these are adorable! i love everything about them! perfect
    what a doll she is!

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    she is so beautiful!!! cute clothes– and i must get that headband. I wish i looked that precious in high school :)

  • Amy

    um great name- she may be famous one day with a name like that :O)…and with a pretty face like hers, she is gorgeous and you captured every single beautiful feature in all those pictures- Love them so much!

  • Charlene Chavez

    What a beautiful session, Lucky Girl to have you photograph her!

  • Kim Haywood

    stunning! the colors are gorgeous!

  • Tracey Talley

    What a beautiful young lady! Such lovely images! Great job!

  • http://www.molliekphotography.com Mollie Kendall

    these are fabulous!! Great shots Coco :)