Love it Fridays (a little something different)

I have an addition.  I am not sure if there is a 12 step program for it, but I should probably look into the possibility as I know a ton of my photographer friends are addicted to it too.

It’s called Pinterest. (

I love me an inspiration board.  I have on in my office now and it’s a big old mess with clippings from magazines ranging from decorating ideas, photo inspirations, styling ideas…  It’s jam packed and I really need things more organized.  Along comes Pinterest – a site that lets you build inspiration boards for yourself from other websites and blogs.  All those bookmarks on my computer that I forget about?  Ha!  See ya!  All in one tidy place where I can look at them for inspiration.  Heavenly.

So, since I have been so inspired I thought I would pass around some of these things that have got my wheels turning.  Some are pretty, some are happy, most have nothing to do with photography.  They are just things I love – that make me smile and sigh when I look at them.  I thought it would be fun to have this weekly, so let me know what you think and if you like it!  I’m going to try to include some local things in there too.  Everyone who knows me will tell you if I love something I DO NOT stop talking about it!

So here we go – our first LOVE IT Friday!  Today’s theme is BIG LOVE.

(p.s. – if you click on the “love it” part it will take you to the original website so you can see lots of other lovely things!)

I LOVE – the idea of big art in a simple way…

I LOVE really big pieces of jewelry done right…

I LOVE really big belts from Nature Girl Designs

I LOVE big scarves and big bags.

I LOVE big surprises when making lunch for my little guy…

I LOVE big balloons in pretty light…

I LOVE a big white room (which I’ll have in a few months!!  White fireplace included!)

I LOVE big, beautiful baby toes in the summer.  (is winter over yet??)

Hope you Love It, or somebody today!

xo, cc

  • stephanie

    I love it. Surely, I do! xo

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    I love all of these things! Love this post!

  • Melissa Surprise

    Love it!!