Little sleeper

I see a lot of babies these days…  and this one is dreamy!  She slept the ENTIRE time.  She didn’t want to be moved around too much as far as posing, but if you lay her down, she stayed and didn’t make a peep!

Yeah, that’s a LOT different than my son was too.

Anyway, her mom is a friend of mine, which is always the best kind because those mom’s basically let me do whatever I want and I get to experiment a little bit.  It’s always fun as a photographer to try new things.  I am playing with some texture and extreme tones – a fun way to mix up a newborn shoot.  The artsy side of me loves these first two shots – one of the new baby in a basket and the second her big sister looking happy to have her around!



And after my artist side is left all happy, I make sure to do the traditional stuff too!  We need a little awwww inserted here!


I love when I catch a little smile!!  This is just so flipping cute.  What a good girl!!!!


  • Kelly

    Beautiful! I love the artsy ones!

  • Samantha Fallon

    You are so talented Crissy. I just love your photos. Would you ever consider coming to Rhode Island for a photo shoot? Your work is just fantastic. Lots of love…. Sam

  • maria perrotta gennarelli

    Great work…..beautiful subjects!!

  • Cristina

    Thanks everyone!
    Sam, I think it’s so cute that you still call me Crissy!

  • Olivia

    How cute! She is a beautiful little baby and the photo of Violet is gorgeous. It seems like a long time ago that Ronan was the newborn in a basket…

  • Ange

    Unreal. The baby looks DIVINE! I cannot get over the Violet shot. Incredible.

  • Aleza

    Oh wow, just gorgeous!!

  • Joy

    These are beautiful!

  • vera

    simply beautiful!!!!

  • Kim Haywood

    love the vintage old-school look of the second one. really interesting techniques!!!

  • Cristina

    Thank you! Appreciate all the feedback! xo