Little bro and me and baby makes three…




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Three under three?  Yep, I know – I would be all over the place, pulling out my hair, house a mess…  Not this lady!  She’s got it all together and two sweet kiddos to boot.  I had such a great time spending the morning with Sheila and her two little men  – they were sweet as could be and even wanted me to go get milkshakes with them.  Sheila really likes contrasty (is that a word?) black and white images – so I was so happy to deliver – I love a little grainy black and white every now and then.  Something about maternity works with it, reminds me of photos of my parents when I was little and film photography.

Thanks so much to Sheila and your little guys O and B!!!  HA!  Hey, get it?  OB?  Maternity photo?  Ok, I’ll save the lame jokes for my son…

  • april todd

    so precious…love the last one!!

  • sheila

    yeah! such a tease! loved them all. can’t wait to see the rest of them! the last one is just perfect – exactly what i wanted. my husband even said unprompted “that is such a family stone shot”. awesome job!! thank you!

  • Cristina

    YAY! Sheila, I’m so glad you like it! I have another one too that is SO family stone!!! thanks again!

    thanks April!