Let the season begin!

I was so ready for spring.  I haven’t shot outside in months besides my personal work, so I’ve been DYING to get out there.

Luckily Anna wanted an early spring session as she wanted to capture her youngest at six months.  (By the way, his name is Oliver and he’s adorable.  Apparently I think he looks like an Owen, because I wanted to call him that all afternoon!  I was driving myself crazy, so I’m very sorry Oliver!)  We had a beautiful day and she was game to try out a new location I found.

Most photographers will agree with me when I say you usually know right off the bat if you’ve gotten great images after a session.  I usually go home and know my top ten images before I download a thing.  This session I didn’t know what gold I got until I got home.  With every image that downloaded I oooh and ahhhed…  It was one happy surprise after another.

So that means that I couldn’t choose which ones I wanted to share today.  Which means you get a lot of them…


When I was a little girl I always wanted a sister.  (no offense Gianni, but you don’t twirl..) This picture makes me want one again!


I mean, really now.  Can you even deal with her cuteness?

Or his?


And all this mommy love is killing me…


Thanks Anna!

xo, cc


  • http://www.surprisephotography.com/blog/ Melissa Surprise

    Starting off on the right foot. Great job Coco

  • http://www.christinedesavino.com Christine DeSavino

    Love these, Coco! You’re really coming into your own style and it’s awesome!!! So fun and fresh! Should be a knock-out season! :)

  • http://www.shortstoriesphotography.com Julie Sowers

    Wow…..some serious cuteness going on here. Great work and beautiful family.

  • http://www.bellinipics.com/blog stephanie

    so, so sweet! great captures, coco! I’ll be your sistah if you want! ;-)

  • http://www.karamayphotography.com/blog Kara May

    These are so precious!! Love the light, love the interaction love the pictures :)

  • http://www.studiolifephotos.com Natalie Clayshulte

    What a terrific session! I love the overall feel of the images and the styling.