LET THE GAMES BEGIN! {Westchester NY Child Photographer}

I have had a wonderful year.  With amazing, amazing clients.  I say it all the time – I can’t believe how lucky I get with my clients.  I have been truly blessed being able to do what I love and meet so many fantastic people every week.

So I wanted to give back to you.  For being so supportive and spreading the word about my business.  Because of you my business has doubled this year and I love all of you for having such big mouths! :)

I decided to have a contest to say thank you.  After talking to my good photographer friend Stephanie of Bellini Portraits in Mass, (thank you so much for being a great friend to bounce ideas with girlie!) I decided to give back with a little present and a little fun.

Who had the best portrait of 2010????

I went through my files and picked out my favorites.  Now it’s your turn to help me decide who was the favorite this year!


1st place : (1) 16 x 24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas of the winning photo

2nd & 3rd place : 11 x 14 styrene mounted print of the 2nd & 3rd place photos.

4th & 5th place : $50 off a future session!


1.  Each individual person may vote for one photo, one time only.  I have tracking on my site and I’m not afraid to use it.  ;)  Seriously, cheating is so not cool.

2. To cast your vote, just leave  a comment in the “add a comment section below”.  Make sure you leave on this “Let the Games Begin” post only!

3.  TO GET AN EXTRA VOTE!!! — If you are not already a fan on Facebook, head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and become a FAN! People that LIKE my page, and only those people will get and EXTRA VOTE!  Make sure you tell me when voting that you have “liked” my page!

4. Forward to all your friends and family to get them to vote for you too!


One lucky client-to-be will be drawn out of a hat (by my little guy!) and will win a FREE WEEKDAY SESSION!!  If you are not a client yet, but would like to be, when you cast your vote please write “I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO!” before voting.  Your name will go in the hat!!!!  (PLEASE NOTE, NYC, WESTCHESTER and LOWER FAIRFIELD COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY!)

5. VOTING ENDS AT 11:59 PM on DECEMBER 12th!!!

So here are the entries!!! (in no particular order, that would be like picking a favorite child!!)  Numbers are ABOVE coordinating picture.  I’ve named them just to help a bit so there is no confusion!

















17. HUGS










27. UP






Anyone caught with multiple voting from the same IP address – your votes will not count and will be removed.

Cristina Coco Photography reserves the right to change contest at any time.

Voting ends at 11:59 on Sunday, December 12th.

Prizes will be shipped in January.

Contest winners cannot change the image that was chosen for the contest.

New client bonus round winner is limited to NYC, Westchester and Lower Fairfield residents only.  (Westport and all points south)

If you do not see your image here it’s because I didn’t have a signed web release or didn’t place an official order yet.  If you would like to participate, please let me know!

Good luck to all the entries!!!!!  Have fun!

  • http://www.surprisephotography.com/blog/ Melissa Surprise

    First one is my favorite!

  • Meagan Frederick


    OK..even though I don’t know any of these gorgeous kids, this was a great excuse to get to look through some of your work, and those which happen to be your favorites? Bonus!
    So my vote’s for…
    #10 Shoulder Peek a Boo
    And when my little guy finally gets here, can’t wait to book a session! I usually never win anything, so maybe this will be my lucky chance!
    PS. ALL are just stunning, by the way.

  • Julie McRedmond

    All of them are precious…..BUT my vote goes to 15 Tommy Boy. Hope you are enjoying this crazy time of holiday prep and I wish you all the best in the new year.

  • Alex

    #19 babe in the grass should take the prize! Cool setting as well.

  • Emily

    My vote goes to my favorite, #19 (of course!)

  • Bernie


  • Stephanie

    I (of course) vote for 28!

  • http://www.cristinacocophoto.com Cristina

    Don’t forget to become a facebook fan to get an extra vote for your favorite! :)

  • Stephanie

    I forgot that I am a facebook fan – 1 more vote for #28!

  • Carol Shepley

    I vote for Bliss Blanket. Adorable.

  • becky


  • Beth

    #14, of course (and I’m a fan, already!)

  • Maureeen Finley

    I vote for Bliss Blanket

  • Maureeen Finley

    They are gorgeous

  • Caren Behar

    Alex #22 ‘holiday fun’ is my favorite of the quite lovely bunch!

  • Mokie

    I vote for bliss blanket, absolutely adorable!

  • regina

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO! They are all beautiful, but I am partial to HUGS #17. I’m going to Facebook now to become a fan.

  • Melissa Canter

    So many awesome pictures, but I choose Alex#22! Holiday fun!! I am also “like” you in real life and on fb :)

  • Kim

    #1 Bliss Blanket

  • Aurelie

    All of them are very nice.., but the best one is #19! Adorable

  • Blakely

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO :) #17 ‘Hugs’ is my vote! Gorgeous photos!

  • Laura O’Brien

    I am a facebook fan…I love the photo of the Matson kids (I know them personally and LOVE THEM) but I have to say I really love #25..and I will tell you why. I have a son and unless you have one you don’t understand how sweet they can be and your photo just captured that special bond between a mother and her baby boy. Thank you for sharing!

  • Laura O’Brien

    I want to be a customer and extra vote for #25 as a facebook fan!

  • mandy

    STUNNING #6 MINI CHRISTY B all the way

  • Ram Jhingan

    all of them are beautiful but my vote would go to Alex Number 22 , holiday fun .

  • April

    I vote for 28. Although they are all beautiful

  • ramandeep

    Love, love #22. He has such a happy spirit.

  • Dina

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO! I am going with #17….Great friends with the Matson’s. Your work is precious..I really love them all.

  • Lou

    tough to choose from so many great pics
    gonna go with #22 , “Holiday Fun”
    (p.s. am a facebook fan)

  • Paula Gorton

    I love my Ladies in Red #14. How very sweet!

  • Sunny Figliola

    Alex #22 gets my vote! Great picture

  • Dina

    #17..great pictures!

  • Philip

    I vote for #14. Lovely children in a natural setting!

  • ramandeep

    I would like to be a client as well. love ur pics

  • Kristi

    Babe in the Grass, number 19. That picture needs to be put on canvas!

  • Tammy R

    I vote for Private Island!

  • Mala Sharma

    I vote for No.22- Holiday Fun. Very cute!!

  • Leigh Ann Ryan

    I’m biased for #3~

  • Carolyn Mahar

    Number #19 is GORGEOUS!

  • annie givens

    Black and white is so tough to do well, great job. My vote goes to Private Island!

  • Kathleen Lawler Bodmer

    My vote goes to Private Island. Beautiful shot!!

  • Shannon Amsler

    I’m biased but my vote goes to private island. Thanks for all your hard work Cristina! Hugs.

  • Jo Elaine Armes

    Cristina they are all AMAZING photos – I love your work and am thrilled that your vision and passion has made so many parents, grandparents and friends happy.

    It was hard to select but #6 Christy B was breathtaking.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and give Jack a big kiss.

  • Matt

    Look at those eyes! Have to go with #19!

  • Jeremy Brown

    19 is cutest

  • Emma

    Yes – I’m completely biased but my vote (and my FB vote too!) go to my beautiful (inside and out!) sweet girl # 6.

  • http://www.louisfelice.com Tara

    #22 is my favorite! Adorable!

  • Tara

    My vote is for #6… mini Christy B! Absolutely beautiful

  • Lindsey

    My vote is for #28

  • http://www.ardentstudio.com Timothy Pham

    OMG! these are ALL so adorable. Incredible hard to pick, but I think you had me at the first one. My vote is for #1 =)

  • jared

    My vote is for #28. I would like to be in the drawing to be a new client.

  • Joseph Canarelli

    I vote for picture # 28

  • marie canarelli

    I vote for #28

  • Jeannie Cunnion

    Pciture #2 is my favorite, of course-LOVE those boys !!!!

  • kim collins

    love mini christy B she is gorgeous!

  • Morella Atkinson

    I vote for picture #2… All my favorite boys!

  • Mike Mulhearn

    Head Stand #2 is my vote…go Owen, Brennan and Cal!!! Love you, U S

  • jill

    They are all so great, but I would have to pick City Babe.

  • Mike


  • Bonnie

    Love the headstand on #2! Adorable…

  • http://www.bellinipics.com/blog stephanie

    18 & 25 :-)

  • Heidi Hutchinson

    Love #2!!!! Cutie Pies!

  • Laura

    Bliss Blanket! So cute!!!

  • Crissie Canarelli

    #28 all the way!

  • Angie Humphries

    All of the pictures are beautiful but I will have to go with the precious, sweet boys in #2 Headstand.

  • Andrea Raggambi

    I vote for #2!! Headstand! The Cunnion Boys are amazing!!

  • Bill Cunningham

    Picture #2 is my vote. Wow what beautiful boys and having such a great time. Outstanding picture.

  • Erin Reilly

    #2 Love the picture!!! 3 handsome boys on the beach :)

  • Maria Gennarelli

    # 22 is perfectly handsome and I vote for him…of course

  • Callie St. Phillip

    #1!!!!! :)

  • Martha

    My vote goes to #11 Private Island- love beach shots!

  • John P. Guzauskas

    going for #28

  • Monica

    I vote for #28.

  • http://bananacurlz.com Maria Lucas

    My vote is for photo #2 just Love, Love, Love THESE BOYS!!!

  • Callie St. Phillip

    ok, and now am a facebook fan. can you tell i want some free prints??

  • Mimi

    #1 is sooo cute!

  • Pattie Brinkley

    I love #2!

  • krista hershberg

    I want to be a client too.Bliss Blanket gets my vote. What a great shot of adorable children!!!!

  • April Gault

    I vote for #7… love those big blue eyes and my dear friend Jeannie!!

  • vera selvaggio

    i vote for holiday fun alex canter hands down cutest ever xoxoxox

  • Laurie


  • Rebecca Hewitt

    #2 Headstand-gotta love those beautiful Cunnion boys! and we wouldn’t have found you if it weren’t for Jeannie ; )

  • Heather Taylor

    #2… that is adorable!!

  • Donna M. Ledford

    No. 2 — Headstand

  • marsha

    my vote goes to #28 :)

  • Ginger Applegate-Speaks

    I vote for #28 – so beautiful! I would love to be entered for the photo session drawing. great shots!

  • Meagan Henry

    picture #2 Headstand!

  • Vivian Pham Irizarry

    I voted for #25. What an amazing pics ! I want to be a client too !

  • elizabeth townsend

    We vote for #14, beautiful girls!!!

  • Sharron

    I vote for #2. You are an excellent photographer.

  • http://n/a Arly

    Wonderful photography! Love your work!
    I vote for #2

  • Jennifer Jonas


  • John T. O’Brien III

    I am proud to cast my vote for #28

  • Esther

    Picture number 2 is my favorite!

  • Jeanine Lohmann

    #6 please mini Christy B

  • Nicola Byrne

    I love #6 mini Christy B – I think she is absolutely stunning and I have Christy B#2 (her only girl cuz!!)You would love to photo them together….xx best of luck Christy B!

  • charlene peterson

    i absolutely love mini chrtisy b, i vote for #6. gorgeous photo!

  • Lolly Adamopoulos

    no.6. I vote for Mini Christy B

  • Monica Byrne

    My vote goes to #6 – a gorgeous girl!

  • Stephen Byrne

    Has to be Mini Christie B #6 – Breathtaking Beauty!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    my vote is for mini christy b– #6

  • Pam Townsend

    I love #14. The pictures are all beautiful. But my vote goes to #14

  • Susan Gravino

    #6 Mini Christie B gets my vote…. Gorgeous!!!

  • Linda Holland

    The pictures are all beautiful but my vote goes for #6 mini Christy B – my beautiful granddaughter

  • Linda Holland

    All the pictures and children are beautiful but my vote goes to #6 – mini Christy B

  • Renee Eppler

    #28 – who doesn’t love a princess!

  • Deirdre


  • Mary Ellen Dinkels

    Let the games begin: I vote for #31 Twinkle Twinkle
    Great picture of the twims – loved it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenny Dorn

    I vote for #31 “Twinkle Twinkle”. What a fabulous picture of two amazing little girls.

  • Kimberly Lyn Pressman

    #2!!!!!! That sandy somersault with those faces is precious!

  • Wendy

    My vote is for #31, Twinkle Twinkle; the twins are so precious!!

  • Alex D.

    my vote is for my beautiful nieces – #31

  • Gail Cunnion

    I vote for #2 of course – 3 of cutest boys ever

  • Bill Brick

    #1 Bliss blanket gets my vote.

  • Daniel Burris

    Wow….I vote for #2!!!

  • Jessica Zielske

    My vote is for picture #2! SO adorable and totally reflects the boys and their personalities. =)

  • http://www.thegoodstuffguide.com/ Heidi @ The Good Stuff Guide

    I vote for #2 – I just love the headstand!!

  • Colleen Barbee

    I vote for #2 which captures the fun of little boys!

  • Kate Zimmerman

    My vote is for #28. Go Francesca!!!

  • Bess Brouzas

    #6 Mini Christy B, just gorgeous!

  • Mary Lou Samwell

    Little Francesca (a/k/a Grass Princess) #28 has my vote!

  • Grandpa Jerry

    my favorite, of course, is my precious twin granddaughters, so my vote is for #31.

  • Glenna

    I love #19! what an adorable little guy!

  • Lynn DiMartino

    #5 – A Little Green. A very difficult decision to make. Christina your work is truly amazing.


  • Donna

    I vote for # 31 – beautiful picture!!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    So many wonderful pictures, but #6 gets my vote–she’s beautiful!

  • Kathleen Tracy

    I proudly vote for my nephews – #2 – “Headstands.” You are so talented Cristina. I always look forward to getting the family Christmas card!

  • Siobhan

    #6 Mini Christie B or little cup of tea!

  • Aleza

    #1. So difficult to choose … !

  • Erinn Lavan

    My vote is for #31. Twinkle Twinkle. What a beautiful picture of those girls!!

  • Ronnie

    #11 Gets my vote. It shows boys as boys – a little messy, daring, and oblivious of being watched. Each boy is lost in his own world, yet they are connected. It’s rich with imagery. You can feel the boys’ imagination percolating…what they are imagining is on the island, what they would do there, how they would travel to reach the island…etc., etc. Cristina, you have a gift and the world is fortunate that you have shared it. Thanks!

  • Kathy Duffy

    Let the games begin!!

  • Marguerite lane

    #31 Twinkle Twinkle is my vote

  • Michele Romandetto

    Let the games begin!!!!! My vote is definitely for #31 Twinkle, Twinkle…Those girls are adorable!

  • Morgan Vrydaghs

    #14 Ladies in Red is adorable….reminds me of my sister and I! very very cute!

  • Mike Drake

    Mini Christy B #6 – beautiful!

  • http://www.jodiandmarius.com Jodi Deetlefs

    Oh my goodness, you are an incredible photographer! Wish you could come photograph our little baby girl in Swaziland! I vote for #2, although I love every single one of these!


  • violet

    #31 twinkle twinkle I vote for these two cuties

  • Joyce Vaaler

    Let the games begin

  • http://www.elegant-image.com Kammi Bothwell

    I vote for #2 – Headstands!! Cute pics.

  • Dave McDermott

    Number 14

  • Joyce Vaaler

    Let the games begin. I vote for #31 and those beautiful twins.

  • Linda Benton

    my vote is for #2 – OMG – absolutely precious!

  • Linda

    Let the games begin…I vote for #31–Twinkle, Twinkle–all are great, but these two little cuties get my vote.

  • Marlena

    Our cutie pies twins have our votes!! Twinkle Twinkle #31!

  • Marsena Farris

    I vote for #28!

  • Mary DiLorenzo

    I’m voting for #31 Twinkle Twinkle

  • katie cunnion

    # 2 headstand !

  • Barbara Weinberg

    I vote for # 31 “Twinkle, Twinkle”–absolutely adorable!

  • http://www.jennyalms.com Jenny Alms

    My vote is for #2- Headstand. Adorable boys!!!!!

  • Susan Camuti

    #31 Twinkle Twinkle is by far the best photograph entered. Those little girls are so beautiful. The photograph showed both talent & creativity.

  • Emily Wilson

    I vote for #1!

  • Kathleen Tracy

    Cristina – I joined you on FB, so here’s my second vote for #2 Headstand! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  • Pam Fredebeil

    I like your FB page and I vote for #2 Headstand

  • http://ashleyminton.com ashley


  • Liz Gardner

    OMG…They are so beautiful!!! God bless them! Great shot!

    Liz Gardner

  • Joanne

    # 14 Ladies in Red – so adorable!

  • http://LettheGamesBegin sfoyle@brunswickschool.org

    I vote for # 31 “Twinkle Twinkle”

    Susie Foyle

  • maria depace

    i vote for #31 – twinkle twinkle….they are definitely the cutest!

  • Mimi Zentgraf

    I love them all, but especially the black and white photos. And I will vote for # 2, Headstand. Wonderful.

  • jordan johnson

    I vote for the stud in #19.

  • Gretchen

    Twinkle Twinkle #31 – too cute!

  • Kathy Duffy

    OOPS–I forgot to put the # in my first attempt–Let the games begin–#31

  • Deborah Cohen

    It was a difficult decision but I cast my vote for #17 Hugs.
    You are so talented and creative — but this one picture kept me
    coming back — it has a haunting quality that I just loved.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Mike

    I like 31

  • susan

    I vote for #31

  • Jose A. Rivera

    I vote for #29! But all the pictures are really beautiful. Great Job.

  • Jen

    I vote for #28.

  • Tara Greenberg

    I vote for the Grass Princess #28!! I’d also like to be included in the drawing for a free photo session**

  • Peter Cunnion

    Picture # 2, of course. Three adorable boys on the beach. Definitely the winner!

  • Jean

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO! They are all beautiful, but my favorite is (and my vote goes to) #28 Grass Princess.

  • Annie Johnston

    I vote for “Pure Love”…My godson Dylan is exactly that… Love him to pieces… #16 is my vote.

  • kristen

    #31!!! I love that picture!

  • angela pardo

    I vote for Tommy Boy #15….
    Love, Love, Love your work!

  • Francesca

    I vote for #21!!

  • Audra Harris

    #15 Tommy Boy

  • Annie Johnston

    OOOPPPPSSS Although I love “Pure Love”..I did get teh numbers mixed up..Sorry. My vote is for “Tommy Boy” #15..That’s what happens when you are in a hurry folks….hahaha

  • Jennifer Lanter

    This was difficult becasue your work is some amazing but my favorite is #2! Great job and very cute idea

  • Dionne

    #21 is my favorite!

  • Laura Shevlin

    I would like to vote for Tommy Boy Number 15!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  • Lee Arrington

    My vote goes to #7 Mommy Kissed Me, the blue tones are absolutely amazing. Great Work!

  • Natalie

    Voting for #21!!!-

  • Michael


  • Jenn M

    I vote for #21: Surprise…. He makes me want to smile.

  • John


  • James Gresis

    I vote for the two beautiful girls in photo # 31

  • Maureeen Finley

    I just signed up on facebook with you so I get another vote for #1

  • James V. Finley Jr

    My vote is for Bliss Blanket #1

  • James V. Finley Jr

    I am a proud grandfather of #1

  • stavroula

    # 21 :)

  • Anita Blackmon

    #2 How adorable. If his name isn’t George it should be. LOL

  • #15-TommyBoy John Aguilar

    WOW! He is sooo adorable! Going to be a heart breaker!!!

  • Christine

    Christine – All great photos. #21 is my favorite.

  • #15-TommyBoy John Aguilar

    #15 – Tommy Boy…WOW…He is sooooo adorable…Going to be a heartbreaker!!!

  • Michele Paiva

    I’m a Tommy girl so i vote for the Tommy boy #15 please!!

  • Jeannie Cunnion

    I am a fan, BIG fan, on FB :) Another vote for #2 and Headstands!!

  • Dana Ziogas

    I vote for #28!

  • Linda Tucci

    #31 The twin girls are just beautiful, look at there face, sweet and adorable, I just couldn’t take my eyes off them!!!

  • Alyssa Laflesh

    # 2 Headstand – Those boys are so cute!

  • christine Jaskiewicz

    You can’t beat those Cunnion boys!! Love number 2!

  • Christin Hager

    Gotta vote for #6 mini Christy B!

  • Mota

    #21 is adorable!

  • jen shanbhag

    I vote for mini christy b. the photo is absolutely beautiful

  • http://www.cristinacocophoto.com Cristina

    Thanks for all the votes everyone! Please make sure to vote on THIS post, some people were posting on the next one so I shut off the comments so I wouldn’t miss any! Thank you!!

  • catherine barbee

    #2 headstand!!! cutest little beach bums!!

  • Sarah Gossett-Raderman

    I vote for #2 in your contest

  • Mike D

    I vote for my girls #31!!!!

  • Andrea

    #12, Rockin’ Pink is tutu cute. I also am a FB fan.

  • Josephine Tracey

    vote for #31

  • Nina Kautz

    #21 Surprise — very cute!! 2 votes bc I “liked” your facebook page. What is that fabric with the baby? Such great pics!

  • ped

    #31. It’s awesome.

  • Alice F.

    I want to vote for #31 – Twinkle, Twinkle. They are so beautiful!!!

  • Haz Kjaer

    It has to be mini Christy B @6…..she is stunning!!
    Great photo….

  • Fiona S

    #8 is a beautiful baby, such cute expression on a baby so young. Look at those gorgeous eyes! Winner without a doubt!

  • Nipa Shah

    #21…he is adorable!!

  • Katia

    #15, he will be definitely be on a billboard.

  • Melanie

    There are all beautiful, but my vote goes to Oh Hello # 8

    Also, the Christmas card from #8 is incredible.

  • maggie mcguire

    #8 – because who wouldnt vote for a baby that beautiful?! xo hoops, maggie

  • kathleen

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT, TOO! #8 is my vote!! i’m a wee bit biased. (i’m friends with olivia and andrea hooper) all the photos are gorgeous!

  • kathleen

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT, TOO! # 8 is my vote!

  • Aoibhinn

    My fav is #6 Mini Christy B.

  • Rhiannon Loricchio

    I vote for 1 – – Bliss Blanket : )

  • kim c

    I vote for #28! She is darling :)

  • rita mcredmond

    They are all stunning. My heart goes to #15 — Tommy boy

  • Pam Schoonmaker

    I just loved the young boys in #2

  • Ron Forster

    They are all wonderful but I loved #2

  • Colleen McGough

    I vote for #18 Tommy Boy.

  • Colleen McGough

    #15 Tommy boy

  • Jessica Lenarth

    oh that tommy boy (#15) is a hunk! liked you on FB!

  • Atiya Dhala

    Vote for # 31

  • Anita

    I want to be a client too! I vote for # 17!!

  • Anita

    I “liked” your page. I vote for #17!!

  • Mandi Newton

    #2…Personality trumps everything!!!

  • Susan

    No. 8 gets my vote, what a gorgeous baby!!

  • Annie Dunkley

    My vote is for #6 Mini Christy B…gorgeous photo of a beautiful little girl!

  • Judi

    Please cast my vote for #14 – these girls will always be able to remember this day! Love the color red!

  • Michael Goldman

    What a pair of stars!!! #31

  • Daniela

    Obviously #21… look at that cute face and smile!

  • Christa

    I vote for #6 Mini Christy B – absolutely beautiful photo!

  • meg

    I vote for #28!

  • maria

    I have to vote for my nephew #22! I “like” your page.

  • Allyson

    I vote for “Tommy Boy.” He is just the cutest.

  • Tracey

    I love them all but need to vote for my own kiddo’s #17 for me:)

  • Lisa

    I want to be a client too! #8 Is my favorite!

  • Susan Allen

    I vote for #2 the headstand. How adorable are those 3 boys, with the baby trying to do a headstand in the sand! I wonder how long that took Mom to get the sand out :). Lovely “black and white”…so calming.

  • Pam G.

    I vote for #31 “Twinkle Twinkle”. This photo has captured each of our amazing twin granddaughters’ unique beauty and personality! Thank you so much!

  • Caitlyn

    #31…Love those twins!!

  • rose

    my vote goes to #21.

  • Kate

    I vote for #31!! Those girls ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

  • susan Salvaggio

    Let the games begin #31 Twinkle twinkle

  • Mike


  • Jim G

    #31 gets our vote. Great picture!

  • Tracy

    #31…Twinkle Twinkle…Could Those Twins BE Any More Beautiful!

  • Tasha

    #30 – my cutie on his bench!

  • Kim haywood

    I want to be a client too!!
    These are all brilliant but if you force me to pick I would say #16. To see the look of pure love and joy in that moms face was so moving…and you captured it perfectly. Love your work because every picture tells a story..brilliant!!

  • http://lowercaseg.etsy.com Gina

    #28 is beautiful!

  • Nicole

    Vote goes to #14 – ladies in red.

  • Karen Colella

    Of Course #22 is my fave!!!!….would love to be a new client too!! Congrats! Your work is amazing!

  • nancy canter

    I vote for #22 our beautiful and precious grandson. He is too gorgeous for words

  • Ashley Ruggieri

    My vote goes to #2!!

  • Helen

    I vote for #2. How cute!!!!

  • Laura Mazula

    Voting for #31-absolutely beautiful!

  • Jennifer Kenny

    Number 5!!!!!!! He is by far the cutest!

  • Carmelo

    Love #14… precious!!! Ladies in red!

  • Tracey

    I vote for #31–Twinkle Twinkle!

  • Deirdre

    I vote Oh Hello #8

  • Jaclyn

    They are all so beautiful, but my vote goes to #31, the twins are too cute for words!!

  • Sara

    They are all beautiful pictures but #5 gets my vote. That picture captures his personality perfectly. Thank you for taking such amazing photos of their family.

  • pj

    #31 is the best

  • Mary

    #5 – What a bright little face – those beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous curls!! Great picture!

  • Barbara

    My vote is for #31! Love those girls <3

  • Meghan

    Number 8…hello! So sweet…

  • Kate Carpini

    Mini Christy B #6 – She’s beautiful!

  • JEAN

    They are all so cute and deserve to win. I have to vote for #22 holidcay fun. Beautiful smile – captured the essence of the little boy. Fabulous pic.

  • Jonas Katzoff

    I vote for #28

  • daniel mcredmond

    i vote for #15. Tommy Boy

  • Janice nigro-diramio

    My great nephews of course – #11

  • carrie slaff

    I vote for #22- He is just so scrumptious!!!

  • katie

    #31 is awesome

  • Lindsay Higgins


  • Chris Wagner

    #2 headstand

  • http://www.mattnicolosi.com Matt

    #1… so fun!

  • Martha

    #21 adorable!

  • Eugene Mulone

    Voting for #21

  • Sara Cremins

    I vote for #28! I would like to be a new client too!
    Gorgeous pictures!!!!

  • Foti

    #21 Is the winner hands down!

  • Megan

    #31 – love twins and they are beautiful!!!

  • Bridget Donaghy

    #22 Alex is soo cute and the picture is great!! This picture should be in a magazine..

  • Louis B. Gennarelli MD

    #22..Holiday fun…That’s my boy!

  • Robinmarie DessereauOrtiz

    #22 – This is a great shot of Alex he looks great in any picture. He has a winning charm about him and it shows. This is a timeless pic.

  • Kim

    #5 – A Little Green is the cutest picture!!

  • Omar

    # 22 is my choice! It is an awesome picture!

  • Lan

    all other kids are far inferior to the twinkles #31

  • Lauren

    I love #31 – the twins are definitely little stars!

  • kallie edge

    Our vote is definitely Twinkle Twinkle #31!!

  • Carol Higgins

    My fav is #28……

  • Uncle Bubba

    #22–need I say more. Love all the pics

  • jim cafarelli

    I vote for#14 ladies in red

  • David

    I vote for Number 5 “A Little Green”. He looks so genuinely happy!

  • Poppy Cunnion

    I vote for picture # 2!!! A beautiful thing!!

  • Agnes

    #21 Surprise. Look at those 2 front teeth. Very candid shot!

  • Sue Das

    they are the most gorgeous twins w/ wonderful parents.
    so pleeeeeeees they should….make it!!!!!

    #31 it is

  • Brianne Bradley

    #19 – Too cute!

  • Beth Austin

    My vote goes to #6 Mini Christy B – absolutely stunning!!!

  • Louis Perrotta MD

    #22 please.

  • Kunal

    #22 Holiday fun Love all of them!

  • Kevin

    #5 Baby G!

  • Merrie Post

    Merrie Post – I vote for #28. They are all adorable – tough choice! I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO!

  • Debrah Berthod

    I absolutely love picture #22. I think this picture best represents the joy and spirit that Christmas is all about as a child. I love his smile and how the photo looks so genuine!

  • megan

    #1 is the cutest!

  • Jenny

    I vote for #2…three brothers are so sweet and cute! What a lucky mom and great pic!!

  • http://billingsleyrealty.com Kathie Mancini

    OMG, I love Twinkle, Twinkle – #31.

  • Olivia

    I vote for sweet #8.

  • Olivia

    I want to be a client too!!!

  • Julie

    My vote goes to #31 Twinkle Twinkle, those twins are so cute.

  • http://ecfs.org Lore Eiwen

    I think Tommy Boy (#15) is adorable.

  • http://ecfs.org Stacey Husted

    I LOVE #15 Tommy Boy.

  • Robin Ortiz

    #22 – by far the best.

  • Kelly Konstanty

    Please put my vote in for #6 Mini Christy B!!!!! Amazing job!

  • http://info@nypeas.com jennifer Brozost

    Tommy Boy…#15…gets my vote!!!!

  • Joseph

    5 a little green receives my vote

  • Joan Rhodes

    I vote for the three cutest boys in the world # 2 Joan

  • Claire Downey

    Picture #2 headstand beauifut kids

  • uncle jared

    #6 mini christy b rocks…what a pic!!!

  • Deena Toukan

    #31 has my vote…adorable!!!!

  • toni hayes

    I would like to vote for #22. That little boy has a great smile and he is adorable.

  • Nancy Dwinell

    Please add my vote for #15- Tommy Boy. Thanks!

  • Melanie M

    #15 is an awesome picture! Tommy Boy has my vote!

  • sean

    Sean – I vote for # 22

  • Won Giuriceo

    I vote for #2. What an adorable family! I can’t wait to have our session!

  • Helene Shepard

    Private Island #11 is the best! Not just because they’re my nephews but it’s a great moment that you caught!

  • Grandma & Papa Gorton

    We love our beautiful Ladies in Red, #14.

  • Barbara R

    I love #15 Tommy Boy. Thats my vote!

  • Mia

    # 22 holiday fun! soo cute!!!

  • Karen

    #22 – Holiday Fun with Alex!

  • Malcolm Thomas

    As the Grandpa of #5 I would like to cast my vote for A little Green – #5

  • Leiamarie

    #22 – that boy is 2 cute!

  • Susannah B. Mulhearn

    #2 is my favorite!!! Love you Cal, Brennan and Owen! Aunt Susie

  • Kat

    Those twins are so pretty… and they are my cousins! #31 is my favorite photo:)

  • Sally

    There are so many good ones but I choose #14..Ladies in Red as my favorite…

  • Jill Hooper

    No. 8 gets my vote – Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (Oh Hello) is very close to my heart.

  • John Henry

    All of the pistures are beautiful! But #15 wins hands down

  • Catherine Prichard

    Catherine – I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO. #1 Bliss Blanket. Too CUTE!!

  • Catherine Prichard

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO. #1 Bliss Blanket. Too CUTE!!

  • Maiya

    #22 – I love his smile.

  • John Dessereau

    #22 He is a handsome boy

  • Carolyn

    I vote for #31

  • Jayna

    My vote is for #31…so cute!

  • Krista

    I vote for #31–beautiful girls!!!

  • Rob

    #31 gets my vote!

  • Lauren

    My vote is for #31 “Twinkle, twinkle”…Those girls are super-duper cute, and I know first-hand that their mommy is too!

  • Christina

    #22, yay Alex!

  • vera scatigno

    OMG #31 Twinkle Twinkle gets my vote.These girls are precious!

  • Charmaine

    I vote for #6, mini Christie B. She is beautiful.

  • http://www.molliekphotography.com/blog Mollie Kendall

    Mini Cristy B

  • Jennie Keppler

    I vote for #28

  • http://www.confessionsofsahauntie.blogspot.com Crissie Canarelli

    I voted already, but just “liked” you on facebook…so one more vote for #28!

  • http://www.childspeak.net Stefanie

    They are all great, but I vote for #22…Alex is the best!

  • Lauren Mariani

    My vote is for picture #31, my beautiful cousins! And their momma is beautiful too!

  • Lisa Rauzi


  • Lisa Rauzi

    Just liked the facebook page! #31

  • Lauren Mariani

    I already voted, but i just liked your facebook page, so this is my extra vote for #31!

  • Krystyna Chavez

    I vote for number 31

  • Krystyna Chavez

    This is my extra vote for number 31. I just liked the facebook page.

  • alexa mendez

    i vote for number 31!

  • alexa mendez

    This is my extra vote for #31..i liked the fb page!

  • Shay McGroarty

    I am voting for #31 because those babies are adorable and i love the photo!

  • Shay McGroarty

    I liked your facebook page, so here is my additional vote for number 31!

  • Melissa Halow

    I vote for #6 — little Christy B — we should all have such gorgeous photos of our 9 year old girls! That is an INCREDIBLE picture.

  • Maria Capparelli

    I vote for #22- little Alex. He is adorable!! Wait to you see him in person…

  • laura scatigno

    #31 without a doubt!!! Absolutely adorable!!!

  • Francine C

    #15 – Love the photo! What a handsome little guy!!

  • Michelle Hulsey

    I vote for #28!!

  • Maria Gennarelli

    I liked you on Facebook…#22

  • Donna Henry

    My vote is for # 15. Sooooo cute.

  • Frances

    Angelic!!! – #21

  • Leo Perez

    I vote for #21. hands down very cute.

  • Michele

    I vote for #2…. not every kid would put his head in the sand! xo Michele

  • Maegan Harrington

    Number 28 is a pretty, pretty princess!

  • Susan Thomas

    How could I not vote for #5 – A Little Green, my adorable happy grandson.

  • meredith salvaggio

    #31 – love those twins. i bet they have adorable older cousins, too ;)

  • Tara Gonzalez

    I vote for # 28.

  • Maureen Brogan

    wow, Picture 22 is the best. What a great shot of happy Alex.
    I want to be a client too

  • liz

    #2!! Precious!!!

  • Amy

    Vote for cutie #5 :)

  • Adam

    #31 they are so cute (my wife thinks so too)

  • marion pisani

    #22 holiday fun has my vote–really captured the joy of a child at Holiday time!

  • Lillian


  • Sweet Lou

    #21 is simply adorable :-) (-:

  • Angelo M

    You save the best for last….#31 gets my vote…..they are doubly delightful.


    I vote for Number 22. He is sooooo Cute!!

  • Ana Cuesta Fernandez

    Number 22 gets my vote.

  • Becca

    I’m in for #31 with those two super cute lil girlies!

  • hephzibah morabito

    my vote is for #31!!

  • mario tripicchio

    my vote is for #31!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    #19 wins my vote….without the use of vibrant color or smiles this little guy just connects with his eyes.

  • jacqui clowry

    my vote is for #31!!!!!

  • Michelle Perez

    #22..is great. Really cute pic!!

  • Farrah Gutwein

    Most adorable boy ever! I vote for #22! I would also like to be a new client.

  • Eric Wold

    Alex is the cutest kid ever, he should have a modeling contract. #22!!

  • Susan Babounakis

    The Twinkle girls are adorable! Of course my vote goes for #31!Hope you win.

  • Gail Cunnion

    I “liked” you on Facebook, so 1 more vote for #2.

  • pjwg

    #31 is so, so cute!

  • Kelly

    I vote for #28!

  • Alyson

    I vote #31!! Such cuties!

  • liz

    #25- Love this pic!

  • http://www.StarbuckInn.com Peter Starbuck

    I cast my vote for # 1, “bliss blanket”.Bingo!

  • Mehul Patel

    I vote for photo 22… and am interested in being a client as well.

  • Gene

    i love #21

  • Roxana Bodin

    I vote for holiday fun# 22.

  • Kanika Kaur

    I vote for photo 22.
    i am interested in becoming a new client.

  • Brigid Wetmur

    Very cute picture, my vote is for Holiday Fun #22!

  • Binh

    I vote for 22!!!

  • leanne forman

    I vote for 22-he looks like sheer joy!

  • sreedhar

    I am voting for number 22, Holiday fun

  • Judy Scheer

    such beautiful pictures and SO difficult to choose! While they are all stunning, I absolutely love #2!

  • Adriana Solano-Marte

    Beautiful pictures! My vote goes to Holiday Fun, no. 22!

  • Shelley L

    I LOVE #13, Smile, Baby! What an adorable photo!

  • Judy Prianti

    I vote for #2 – the kids are beautiful

  • Autumn Martin

    Voting for #28

  • http://crhistinacocophoto.com marlene kertesz

    Marlene..my vote is for No. 2…hard decision since all
    the photos are so lovely

  • allison


  • Tami Fay

    I vote for #28

  • http://none Del Staskiel

    I vote for #2 “Headstand”, Natural pure joy,Can’t pose that!

  • Joseph Canarelli

    I like your page. All the pictures are wonderful, but My vote is for picture # 28

  • Peggy O’Brien

    Please log my vote for #28, Thank You! You do amazing work

  • Joy Rich

    Photo #2 of the headstand is so cute!

  • Joy Rich

    When I voted for #2, Headstand, I forgot to mention that I Liked your Facebook page.

  • Kathy

    #28! love that one!!

  • Michelle Bandler


  • Paul Fay

    I vote for the Grass Princess #28

  • vimy

    they are all lovely–I vote for #28! :)

  • alyssa

    I love #14. so cute!

  • Mike

    Vote for #14. very cute!

  • Danielle

    I love #14. The girls are very adorable!

  • Ginger Applegate-Speaks

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO. I voted already, & didn’t read the exact words to write, but in my own words said I wanted to please be included in a drawing for a session with you. your work is amazing!

  • Alyssa

    I love #14. soo cute!!!

  • Barbi

    #2 Boys and the beach – no greater combo!! Beautiful pictures!!

  • Jenn

    QT 21 all the way!

  • Bonnie

    they’re all great photos, but #14 Sister’s in Red has my vote.

  • Lauren Cox

    I want to vote for #25, sweetness!!! I became a fan on facebook and would like to be a client too!

  • Victoria

    25. Sweetness – perfectly named :)

  • Robinmarie Dessereau

    I already placed my vote for the fabulous #22 and now I have like you.

  • jessica Zielske

    I added you as a FB fan so please add another vote for my most favorite boys in pic#2!!! Love heasdstand boys!!

  • Scott

    Headstand #2

  • jane david

    hello i am voting for #22..ALL THE WAY…LOL

  • JulieeeC

    I vote for headstand!

  • Alicia Oberle

    I vote for #2 Headstand! So adorable! :)

  • gisella

    I vote for #25 sweetness

  • Seena Cox

    love #2 boys.

  • Jackie M

    My vote is for # 21 Suprise!!!!!!!!!! Tooo Cute!!!!!!!!!

  • http://LetTheGamesBegin Erin

    Erin – #15….everybody loves a Tommy Boy! What beautiful pictures!

  • carol petrillo

    Definatly #25. Adorable!

  • Barbi

    I liked you on FB, so second vote for #2

  • http://www.patticallahanhenry.com Patti

    I vote for the adorableness of #2
    AND I liked your fanbook page because i LOVE your photos!

  • heather

    #2 headstand

  • cathy

    #2 headstand..boys on beach goofing off~so cute

  • http://www.erincarlylephoto@aol.com Erin C.

    WOW…that was hard. I would vote for every one of them but I think my fav is twinkle, twinkle!

  • Josh

    I vote for # 28

  • http://www.thepaparazzis.com Brian

    #2 Headstand

  • Betty

    Love #2 precious boys on the beach having fun

  • Chelsea Zurcher

    Vote is for #2, headstand. What a beautiful photo!

  • Jackson

    # 8 Sunshine gets my vote

  • Joe G.

    #21 is the cutest !!

  • Luie Veintimilla

    #21 is the cutest by far !!

  • Courtney Rubino

    my vote is #31…they are adorable!

  • Caroline Inello

    I WANT TO BE A CLIENT TOO:) I vote for Bliss Blanket.

  • Lisa Molloy

    I want to be a client too. Amazing photos but my vote goes to photo #2, headstand

  • violet herrmann

    I want to vote for #25

  • ted

    I vote for #25. such love between a mother and her son!

  • violet herrmann

    I vote for # 25 love loveove this photo and of course “like” your facebook page

  • ted

    I voted for #25 but I also like your facebook page

  • Jill Walter

    All are wonderful, but I’m giving my vote to #28!

  • Pep

    #31, they are adorable!

  • aunt katie

    #31 they’re my little stars!!!!!

  • Jen McCarthy


  • Andrea

    Loving pic #31!!!! Beautiful girls!~

  • susan

    I’m going to have to go with Twinkle Twinkle..those girls are adorable!!!

  • megan

    #5 a little green…my sweet boy!

  • Harley King

    My vote is for #28

  • Lucie King

    I vote for number 28

  • Jennie King

    I am voting for number 28.

  • Rosella Mulone Perez

    My vote is for #21

  • Amy

    I vote for #28.

  • nancy

    #31 The girls are just adorable

  • Claire Cowley

    Mini Christy B #6

  • Tadd

    I vote for #31 – Twinkle Twinkle

  • Freda Byrne

    I vote for number 6 mini Christy B. Fabulous photo of my stunning granddaughter.

  • William Byrne

    I vote for number 6 mini Christy B – This photo looks right into the beautiful soul of my darling grandaughter, I applaud your talent Christina.

  • Auntie Sarah

    #6 Mini Christy B gets the vote from England! (and the Queen agrees!!)

  • Elizabeth Hole

    My vote is for #1 – Blanket Bliss! What a beautiful, natural and very happy shot!

  • http://comcast Pamela Applegate

    #28 Would love to have my grandson’s photo taken by you.

  • Alexander Cox

    I vote for #25. I would also like to become a client.

  • helen gennarelli

    #22 has my vote. My adorable great gramdson

  • bonnie

    I liked you on FB so another vote for #2 headstand please!

  • george callahan

    I liked you on facebook- another vote for my grandsons in headstand #2!

  • Ryan

    The best picture is #22…It makes me remember how excited I was at that age during the holidays…..It’s great…

  • Lizzie Ruggieri


  • Barbara Nagell

    I vote for picture #2. Beautiful

  • Dean

    I vote for #22. All the pictures are great, but this one has something special.

  • Samantha

    My vote goes to # 22…Good Luck

  • Nick

    picture number 22 is my vote

  • Michaela

    I vote for picture #22. SO CUTE!

  • http://Facebook Joyce Akey

    I Vote #16 – Pure Love – you can feel it :)

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    I vote for #22!!! adorable!

  • Paul Fay

    #28 for sure

  • Jessie

    I vote for 28!

  • Angela

    #22! very cute!

  • Erin

    I vote for #28!

  • Jeff holland

    Mini Christi B #6 !!!

  • http://www.cristinacocophoto.com Cristina

    VOTING IS CLOSED!! Thank you so much for all your votes!!!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you!