Late Fall, a little look back.

My month of quiet is almost over, so you’ll be getting some new posts soon.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of family time, a couple trips, and have been designing all the albums that had to wait for the holiday rush to be over.  It’s been so nice to rest for a bit and now I’m fully re-charged and can’t wait to start some exciting things this year!

In the meantime…  This is a session that I LOVED from late fall.  I had so much fun with this loving family – their love for each other just oozed from them, so naturally.  I just adored them and there was hugs all around at the end of the session.

I am starting with my favorite images – mom got in for just a few frames and they make me smile so much.  Every mom should have a cuddle session photo like this.  There are too many time we are NOT in the picture… right moms???  It makes my heart smile.  Really, I mean, don’t you just want to go and hug them all?


The weather was so strange.  There was this odd misty fog that literally rolled in.  We WATCHED it roll in.  It was so bizarre.  Different light than I have ever shot in, but I was kind of into it!

Such pretty girls!  I love that her Hello Kitty ring is on here.


This is what I mean about the different light.  Do you see the fog behind them?  It looks like a fake backdrop, right?  Nope, right here in Rye, NY…

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  • Natalie Clayshulte

    These images make my heart happy. I love seeing moms in photographs loving on their children. Amazing backdrop and beautiful light!

  • Melissa

    Wow, the joy in the hugging shots!! Fantastic!!

  • stephanie

    Coco, sooooo amazing. I love the colors. I love that mom is in their with her kids. YES we NEED to be more present in images with our kids. And I adore the FOG. That reminds me…I have some of Madden in the fog that need some attention. xoxo