Last session of 2010, Oh Baby! {NYC, Westchester NY, Greenwich, CT newborn photographer}

My last session of 2010 was a great wrap up for the year.  It was a long one – 4 hours!  Somebody didn’t want to sleep, no matter how much mom told me he loved to!  It couldn’t have been a nicer way to spend the morning though.  Mom and Dad (and Grandma!) were a delight to hang out with.  Most mom’s of a one week old are a bit frazzled, but Jennifer kept saying, “this is so much fun!” and was so relaxed that it made the whole experience a blast.  That and she let me do just about anything I wanted!

I love when moms are like that.  It lets me breathe a little bit and do some more artistic stuff.  Sometimes these are just for me, but I think Jennifer will like this too.  She’s an interior designer and I can see this in her home in a second.  I love this shot.  It makes me sigh.  That’s a good thing.

I love doing documentary style shots with newborns.  Jennifer was trying to get him to sleep.  He finally agreed!!  These images look like they were from three different shoots – the light changed so much over the 4 hours that we switched rooms, moved around a lot.  Resulted in some very different light and color, but I love them all!

Don’t let this shot fool you – he was up and wide awake about 15 seconds later!

Jennifer, thank you for a great morning and congratulations on your new arrival!


  • stacie hawley

    Cristina – these are scrumptious, truly! I love all the softness and tenderness with this style of shooting. Such great work and light. Love.

  • Haley Lancaster

    how far you (we) have come since our first chair/ baby picture attempts! love it- super work my friend. Merry Christmas… we are almost done with busy busy busy season!!! xoxoxo

  • Ange

    LOVE these! You know how I feel about these newborn shots. Beautiful work. I look forward to looking through and picking some of mine in the New Year when your schedule frees up.