Last day on Cape Cod…

I am kind of blue today. It’s my last full day on Cape Cod and I always get sad when I leave. Don’t get me wrong, I love NY and all my friends and family – I miss them a ton! There is just something about this place that brings me a special kind of peace. I love all the kids around here – our neighborhood has people stopping by to see if my son can come out to play and it reminds me of my own childhood. J gets so excited and he loves all his new friends.  I love being outdoors, the nature and beauty is everywhere I look and so incredibly inspiring.  I love the secluded beaches, the hermit crabs, the light green sea grass and all the beachy tones to get creativity flowing.  It’s just a different sort of home to me and I love it so.

Seeing it’s my last day, thought I would post my annual mini session with my best friend Kelly and her beautiful family. You can see last year’s session here.  We do one every year during our last week in Cape Cod.  Kelly lives in London and it’s one of the reason’s I’m so sad to leave the Cape – I know I won’t see their family until Christmas and it just seems like forever.

They are just too cute.  Really, get a room kids.  ;)

Thanks for a great summer K family.  I love you all so much!  Bye bye Cape Cod.  sniff.

  • Jess Wernes

    Gorgeous! Awwww, the end of summer has all of us so nostalgic.

  • Stephanie

    Bye, bye beautiful Coco! Next summer we need to hang!!! And maybe we can plan a little fall meet up. Would love to see you and I don’t really want to wait a year. ;-)

  • Julie Sowers

    Such a sweet family and your images are awesome!!!

  • Kelly Konstanty

    I feel like I am going to cry too!!! I just got on now to see this….almost done packing and it is only 12:30am….We need to skype this week b/c I am going to go into withdrawal. You are an awesome friend and an amazing photographer and we are so lucky to have you put the way we feel about each other into incredible pictures. You are so talented and I am so happy that other people now get to see for themselves how incredible you are! Love you sweetie!!!

  • Andrea

    These photos are utterly incredible. I love the shell one especially. And the family shot is so amazing.