Kids being kids… that means me too, you know. {Cristina Coco, child photographer Greenwich, family photographer Bedford}

Tracey and I went to high school together, and by the miracle known as Facebook, she emailed me asking for as session for her fantastic three children.  I love Facebook.  I know, kind of geeky of me, but it gets me in touch with so many people and it has been fantastic for me in so many ways.

So we hadn’t seen each other in oh, almost (mumbled voice) 20 years.  Wow.  I am so. freaking. old.  :)

Lucky for me I still act like a kid.  It’s just who I am and makes my work a lot more fun.  Sure, other grown ups might think I’m kind of…  weird?  Sometimes.  I tend to be a lot more quiet with adults.  Which is probably why I’m the most myself when I’m shooting.  Otherwise, stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

Since she’s the only girl in this group, we needed to make her feel a little girlie.  I love this smile.  She was so excited about the flowers!!

See, my childishness can make even the coolest older brother act silly.  Skills.

This guy?  This guy is sooo much cooler than me.  Has some old Hollywood coolness going on.  He’s got an old soul, this one.

Tracey, it was great seeing you again! xo!

  • Gian

    Nice job T, really think that’s some of your best yet:)

  • Alissa B

    Love love love these photos! Great Job as usual Cristina! And Tracey’s children are just adorable!!! I really enjoyed these!

  • Mollie Kendall

    These are just stunning Cristina!! Fabulous work :)

  • ashley

    simply beautiful children!! i love all the laughter. these make me happy!!!