Introducing Harry… Westchester and Hudson Valley baby photography

I LOVE photographing the sibling of a former newborn client.  I photographed this little guy’s sister at the end of 2010, and was so happy when I was asked to photograph him too!  I love seeing the similarities between the babies, what they look like, how they sleep – it’s amazing.  His sister’s session is right here: INTRODUCING ARDEN

Is it cheesy if I say I’m just wild about Harry? Ah, well, call me cheesy.  He was a sweet, sweet baby.



His adorable sister, Arden.  I’m always so amazed when I walk in to the home a few years after a newborn session and I see a little person looking at me.



We were so spoiled with the warm weather!  We got to shoot outside~  In MARCH!?


I love this bold blue….  His sister was on the same couch in a bold yellow, so it seemed fitting and worked really well!


I tried to get her to re-do her newborn shot that hangs on a canvas in their apartment.



Thank you for having me over again!  It is always a pleasure!