Introducing Dylan…

Ahhh, newborns.  They are so perfect and such a puzzle at the same time.  I remember it so well – a day home from the hospital, trying to figure out what would make my little guy happy.  The little tricks to soothe him I thought were working, only to be fooled the next day when nothing would work a second time.  The one trick that always worked – he just wanted to be held.  Cuddled.  Hear my heart beat and the vibrations of my voice.  He did not want to be put down.  At all!

Meet Dylan.  She has reminded me of my son as a newborn so much.  She did not want to be put down to sleep.  Not having it.  Not one bit.  She was so warm and sweet once you picked her up…  how can you resist?

She loved being naked on the blankets though.  So I got lots of eyes wide open shots of her looking right at me!  Sleeepy shots?  Not so much.  Hmmmm, once again.  Just like my little man.

This family was so adorable I just wanted to hang out there for hours.  (which is a good thing, because that’s exactly what we did!)  SO much love in this house.  Her Aunt and Grandmother can’t get enough of her and mom and dad just adore her.  They all love each other so much too, it was just a house filled with joy.  This is one lucky, lucky girl!

Now, this is the first thing you’ll notice about Dylan…  HER HAIR!  I’ve never seen so much on a newborn!  Love!


Don’t let the above picture fool you, she was wide awake.  Now this one, in daddy’s hands.  Sound asleep….


Then we’d put her down to get some sleepy shots and…  Good morning!


I love this image.  A lot.


Thanks for a fun morning Meryl and Jason!  We had a lot of laughs even if it was a long one!

xx, cc

  • Carolina

    Ohmigosh, that hair! Just beautiful :) I love her eyes wide open, staring, wondering…

  • stephanie

    beauty–love that last one too!! <3

  • Karen

    beautiful, cristina! i can wait to talk shop in a couple of wks!!