Introducing Ashlyn

My son wouldn’t sleep.  Would. not. sleep.  Two years of getting up every night, short naps and bags under my eyes.  All I wanted was a little sleep from my guy!

Well, Ashlyn’s parents don’t seem to have the same problem.  Ashlyn wanted to sleep our whole session away yesterday!  Which would have been fine – except her mom and dad’s main request was bright eyed, wide awake pictures.  Ashlyn was just not down for being wide awake and giggly yesterday.

Luckily I got a few open eyed ones when I first got there and she was awake for us.  I wasn’t lucky enough to see her smile, but I think I got just about every other expression she makes.  What a cutie!

The many faces of Ashlyn – I love the bottom left one!  I’m counting the bottom right one as half a smile, don’t you think?

Copyright Cristina Coco - stealing isn't nice!

Then, this is how Ashyln spent the rest of our time together.  Sigh…

Side note: This mom’s eyes are so beautiful to photograph, they are ice blue!  She is the tiniest thing for just having a baby, you have no idea!

Copyright Cristina Coco - stealing isn't nice!

Such a beautiful family.  8 weeks in and these two parents are already pros!

Copyright Cristina Coco - please don't copy or stealThanks for a nice morning!  I hope that Ashlyn slept at night for you after such a long nap!

  • J. Rubin

    that pic with her finger on her chin… the best! too cute!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    Wow! Such a beautiful baby. Great job getting some nice awake pictures with such a sleepy little girl.

  • stephanie