I’ll always love Cape Cod…

I have about three Cape Cod sessions to post and I think I’ve been slow about it because I just miss it so much.  It sort of pains me to look at them.  I miss being able to walk to the water every day, drag my kayak out my garage and within minutes I’m in the water paddling off for a secluded beach picnic with my 3 year old.  That the most beautiful beach is just down a bumpy road from my house and it’s like my own private island on the most gorgeous sunny day.  I love that the people are so kind – to friends, strangers – always greet you with a true smile and a sweet gesture…  It actually takes me a few weeks to get used to driving here again because everyone on Cape Cod just lets you go if you are trying to merge into a lane or turn into traffic.  EVERYONE.  They just slow down and wave you in front of them.  It sounds like such a silly thing, but I can always tell the tourists because they don’t let people merge in – I find myself mumbling under my breathe at them every time.  Tourists.  Hmph.  It’s so nice being in a place where people consistently put others before themselves.

This family is that sort.  Cape Codders through and through.  They live on the Cape year round and they are kind and sweet every time I see them.  I met them through my best friend and it’s been so nice getting to know them through the years we’ve been staying on the Cape.

The wind was not our friend this day.  It was crazy.  We didn’t see it coming because it was so calm by my house, then we drove the 1/2 mile to the beach and BAM!  Crazy, crazy wind! Hair EVERYWHERE.

I don’t care, though.  Hair everywhere or not.  I love this image.

This seemed like a good idea at the time – maybe too high of a jump for my heart…  it stopped a bit when he landed.

Their daughter is at that age…  I love that these are seconds apart and you can see two completely different sides to her!



Much love, C

  • Sarah Beauregard

    you all look so beautiful….what great pictures.