I wanna sit here for hours with you!

That’s what Lindsey said at the end of our session on Monday and my heart just melted.   Her big sister went inside and drew me a picture as a thank you card and it’s now stuck on my cork board proudly.  Seriously girls?  Too sweet!!

These three were so much fun. We basically had a dressed up play date – swinging on the tire swing, playing frisbee with my reflector and even a little simon says.  Did I mention hot chocolate with marshmallows afterward?  Yum!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

When there is a session with three kids, there is always one who’s not too interested – usually the boy.  Figures.  ;)  Once I got him though, it was worth it.


I love tom boys, don’t you?  I used to be one too, so I think I have a soft spot for girls who go on tire swings in pretty dresses.


Love this smile and the new teeth coming in!!!

KM2What’s better than a curtsy?  Curtsies with beautiful yellow trees and sunlight peeking though.

curtsyandasmileHope you like these!  Thanks so much for a fun afternoon!

  • http://www.frozenmomentsbykelly.com Kelly

    It looks like you had a such a great time with this family. I love how natural their expressions are and how happy they all look. Beautiful work!

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    these are beautiful! well worth the wait for a new blog post! xoxo

  • Ange

    That swing photo is killer

  • http://www.cristinacocophoto.com Cristina

    thanks everyone! they were so sweet.

  • michele

    so beautiful! LOVE the toothy smile.