I see London, I see France… back from vacation!

Just go back from a great little get away to London and Paris.  What beautiful cities!  So much history, so much beauty.  Every corner there was something to see.  I lugged my camera around every where I went (and my back is hating me right now!)

Just wanted to share some images from my trip.  Now it’s back to work.  It was a nice break, but man my inbox is full!  Off to tackle those emails right now!  Phone calls will all be answered tomorrow afternoon if you are waiting for me!

A little bit of London (London Eye) and a little bit of Paris (Eiffel Tower)…


On a riverboat tour on the Siene I took these.  I love taking pictures of people when they don’t realize it.  When I’m old and grey my hobby will for sure be street photography – so much to learn before them – it’s such an incredible art and I just don’t have the eye for it yet.

On the riverbanks of the Siene there are lovers everywhere.  No question that Paris is the winner of the PDA award…  This was a tame shot, so I could share and I just love how they sat right in the middle of this archway.  I wish I hadn’t been on the riverboat, I only had one second at this shot because we were going so fast!  I wonder what he said to make her giggle as she’s covering her mouth…  I will go back with a different lens and make like a trip a day to capture all the lovers on the walkway.  I would like to do a whole series of it!


A door at Westminster Abbey.


This image is important to me because I spent so many days walking through the Tuleries Gardens when I worked in Paris during the collections.  It represents a part of my life that is long gone but remembered fondly.  Especially now when my life is just so different and so much better in so many ways!  The tents were set up just to the left of these trees (there are actually some there in this image but they are hard to see) and every time I walked home through them I wished I had more than a point and shoot camera with me.  Was happy to finally go back and get this image!



Now, back to work!  xx, cc



  • Lee Arrington

    These are beautiful Cristina! I’m glad you had a wonderful time and so sorry we missed you at the wedding. It was a very magical evening and everyone wished you were there to share it with us. Love Aunt Leonore

  • Leslie Houx

    So beautiful Cristina!! I have always wanted to go to Europe…one day :)

  • http://www.studiolifephotos.com Natalie Clayshulte

    Looks like a beautiful vacation. Thanks for sharing these!

  • http://www.karenbeyerphotography.com/blog Karen

    awesome, awesome, awesome! what an amazing trip!

  • Julie

    i did a semester in paris and it is still so dear to my heart. you captured some beautiful images that bring back many wonderful memories. welcome home.