Holiday Season Update

Please don’t think I haven’t posted because it’s been quiet around here.  Quite the opposite, and with every family I meet I am more and more grateful for the amazing job I have!

Yes, it’s here – the fall portrait season has begun!  I’m sure fall has seeped into your life too – the crazy sports schedules and the school buses driving by and clogging traffic in town.  The nutty rain has started and it’s darker earlier.  It’s cooler at night and my AC hasn’t been kicking on quite as much.  Today my little guy showed me some leaves had changed color.  I told him, “SHHHH!  I don’t want fall to hear us, it might come soon and I love summer!”  He laughed and told me I was silly. “Fall will ALWAYS come, Mommy.”  Smart little man.

So with the Fall comes the Holiday portraits, and my schedule is looking full.  I’m currently booked about six weeks out, so this is not the year to procrastinate folks!  Pick up the phone, send me an email, text, smoke signals…  however you get in touch, please, if you are thinking about doing it – get on my calender as soon as you can.  I’m not saying this to be pushy (I swear!), it’s because every year I turn people away and I feel just awful.  People call me a week before Thanksgiving for holiday card pictures and I feel like a big old jerk for not being able to help them.  I’m just giving you a little nudge is all.  A little nudge to start planning!

Ok, so my update is over.  Back to the fun stuff.  An image.  ‘Cause a blog post is just so boring without one.

My God, I love this girl’s freckles.  Do you remember the book “Freckle Juice”?  When I was little I wanted them SO badly.   I will always think they are beautiful…  the way they dance across the nose and the hairline.  Just magical.  She was pretty special too.  I love that she is looking to the side, playing with her hair in a shy sort of way, and in thought.  I can’t remember exactly what I asked her, but so happy that she was thinking of something that made her smile.

  • Erika Soiman

    Please provide your holiday package pricing. Is there a session fee then print rates? Can we purchase the digital files only?

  • Cristina

    Erika, Yes to your last two questions. I will send you an email for the first. Thanks!