Happy Thanksgiving! {Bronxville child photography}

I hope that you all are going to have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving with all your beautiful little kiddos and family and friends.

I’m gearing up for a little holiday time myself, so Cristina Coco Photography will be closed until Tuesday.  Looking forward to a little R and R so I can come back to finish all this Holiday madness!  Holiday cards are in production or already shipped.  If you still need your holiday card, all orders must be in by December 10th.  If you are waiting on a design from me, you will have it next week.

Here’s a little something to hold off Callie who will get her gallery on Wednesday (so close to being done Callie!)

Her children are BEAUTIFUL and are so full of life!  These are my session faves of the each of them.  We’ve been so lucky with the weather around here – this day was so nice and warm – no blue lips or chapped cheeks or anything!!

OH!!!! Before I forget – BIG contest coming next week.  If you have had portraits done this year you might be in the running!  If you didn’t – there is a prize for you too, so make sure to check the blog after Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks Callie for letting me photograph your family!!

To everyone else – have some Turkey for me.  Where I’m going, they won’t have any!  (and that’s all right by me…  I’ll have a margarita instead)

  • winnie conner

    My vote is for number 2. Love his eyes!!!!

  • #2 beth singleton

    Love, Love that picture. #2 is so beautiful & speaks to love between siblings.

  • jake shepley

    This is your best work yet…fantastic

  • Connie Basso

    #2, Headstand, has my vote…precious!!!