Grandpa’s Shirt

This session came about because Solveig really wanted an image of her son in his grandfather’s shirt.  I loved the idea!  Tradition is so important to family and when you get to capture it – well, let’s just say I feel special to have my work included.

Her son, however, had a different idea.  Little C is two and a half.  You can tell he’s really smart – almost too smart for a photographer!  He wasn’t exactly sure about how he felt about the whole thing – which is why I LOVE this first image.  He’s totally trying to figure me out and not exactly sure he likes what he sees.

nottoohappywithmeBut, I tried and tried and eventually… I THINK he warmed up to me…  at least enough to get an image in his grandpa’s shirt.  How cool is this shirt, by the way?

warmingupAnd a few more – one of Daddy and his new little girl!

dadandshyThen there was this dress, which when Solveig emailed me a photo of it, I just thought -has to be in a picnic basket.  Of course!

atisketatasketIt was great meeting you Steve and Solveig!  Will be in touch soon with your gallery!

  • Solveig

    Absolutely fantastic! Everything I hoped for – I’m going to end up picking them all.

  • Kelly

    Fantastic like always! Beautiful images for a beautiful family.

  • Andrea

    Gorgeous family. Love the spirit of the photos, it really comes through.

  • Kim Haywood

    Love the red shirt!!!

  • Cindy

    Love everything about the 1st one. Gorgeous work!