Freckles and twins

Busy, busy, busy.  That’s me.  Just wanted to drop a quick blog post of these beautiful siblings before I hit the road again tonight for another session.

These kids were so good, so sweet, so cute!

I could die over the oldest’s freckles, and the twins – well they were a ton of fun and so much personality!

Just a glimpse of my favorites from last night – I know I am skipping clients!  Clients – I have put a ton on Facebook, just hit the “F” facebook button on the bottom of this post if you are looking.  You are welcome to tag yourself!  Also, if you would like your images blogged, (I know some of you just can’t wait until that gallery!) just shoot me an email and I’ll get them up for you!  These were just on my computer this morning and I wanted to share!


First shot of the day, literally.  One of my favorites too!


Her big sister…


and her freckles…

How adorable is he?  Wanted to scoop him up and take him home.

I love when clients bring something of their child’s that is special!  This doll goes EVERYWHERE with her.  I love that it’s part of her image and something she’ll have forever.

Mom wanted a group shot where they were doing their own thing and not looking at the camera.  Done!

Thanks for a nice afternoon Kristen!


  • Kelly Simmonds


  • Sandra Bludau

    I saw the post on fb feed! Just incase you wanted to know with all the changes. So sweet!!!

  • Kim H

    adorable. the freckles are just too much!!