Family time

I’ve been so busy with clients, editing, website launch, album design – I needed to take a little family time this week.  Went to visit grandparents, and just basically hung out with little J.   I’ve missed just hanging with him alone and it was so needed and so much fun!

This morning was BEAUTIFUL, so we hung out a little bit, gardened (pics coming tomorrow or later)  and tried out some new props.  This little hobby horse is for a shoot coming up and I wanted to see if someone J’s age would like it.  Not exactly what I had in mind, so I think I’ll save it for an older guy! He still liked it, so we had a great time in the early morning sun.

Now back to work!  Or, maybe just to play with some new processing like I did on this one…  not sure if it will make the workflow, but it’s still fun to mess around.  I need photoshop addiction rehab, honestly.


  • Kelly

    I love the processing, and it’s a great shot! When did Mr. J get so big?!?

  • Alice

    Wow – your work really has come a long way! Gorgeous!! I love the website btw!

  • Cristina

    Thank you so much!

    I know Kelly, isn’t he huge!?

  • Amy