Citybabe {cristina portale coco, new york baby photographer}

This time of year is crazy for me.  Kind of like an accountant before April 15th.  My poor little blog gets neglected and it’s so funny because I have about 15+ sessions I could blog right now with no time to do so! So for those of you who come back and check, and who nag me about not blogging more often – my thanks for your support and apologies for leaving you hanging!

I promised this sweet mom a blog post – and I always keep my promises!  So…

I love shooting in the city.  Wait, that sounds bad.  You know what I mean… ;)

This little guy’s parents are lucky enough to have a key to Gramercy Park so we had a really amazing place to work in and almost none of that hustle and bustle of NYC.  Although, it’s still hard to get a baby’s complete attention with the police sirens, taxi horns…  you can’t ever really get away from this beautiful city!

My favorite – I was only able to get one shot off before he was moving out of the chair.  So happy to have captured it!!

How stinking cute is he?

Thanks for a great time and my little tour of Gramercy Park!

  • stephanie

    I’ve been waiting for this shoot! Loooooove that b&w. Great conversion!

  • Tasha

    Thank for the beautiful photos! We had a great time with you!

  • Andrea

    Gorgeous kid in super cute outfits and gorgeous photos!