Big Brother Joy : Rye NY Child Photographer

I loved this session.  I loved it til my heart sang and I’m telling you, I had a high afterwards.  The reason was a little guy who had a laugh that could make even the grumpiest old man smile.  He was smart, funny, and I seriously wanted to adopt him after our time together.

child photographer Cristina Coco RYE

He just became a big brother and was so excited and proud.  I can’t imagine what an incredible big brother he will be.

Rye newborn photography


His little brother is just so cute too!  He really liked to eat, which is why I got to spend so much time with his older brother.

Westchester Baby Photography Cristina Coco

This last image is one of the my most favorite laughs I’ve gotten in a while.  You can’t fake pure joy.  It comes from the belly and soars past the heart.  When it releases, you get this.

2 Rye westchester childrens photographer

(e.t.a) Someone on facebook asked why I didn’t include this one because they loved it.  lol.  Ok, just one more!  ;)Breanne_47


My Little Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I recently photographed some hats for Sweet Penelope Knitts on my son for the launch of their new boys hat collection, SPK.  It has been snowing and just awful out, and I love trying new things…  so you’ll notice this is a different look for me – indoors!  I really have to say, I loved it and hope to be doing more soon.  I daydream of a studio someday, and while I know it’s a huge undertaking it will be a reality in the future.  If anyone knows of a nice space in lower/mid Westchester or Greenwich with natural light, please let me know.  It doesn’t have to be big!  Doesn’t hurt to put that out there, right?  ;)  I’ve been looking forever!

So here is my little guy, who isn’t so little anymore.  I figured since it was Valentine’s Day it would be the perfect time to show the sweet boy who has my heart…

cristina coco commercial child photographer

child commercial photography westchester

new york commercial child photographer


A Day Out East…

I know it’s been a while.  Once in a while my blog comes up when I re-boot my computer and I’m shocked at how slow I’ve been at updating it.  I think it’s mostly because I’m getting a new blog and website in July/August.  It’s almost like I’ve been holding out – and that stinks, so I’m sorry!  But I am REALLY excited about the new site.  It’s going to be a blog and website in one and I can’t wait.  Many thanks to Ryan at Second Street Creative for working with me, I am beyond happy to get started!

So to make it up to you – a session I’ve been holding onto.  I haven’t shared it – and I honestly don’t know why.  Maybe because it was so close to me.  I felt I had to because a potential client called and said she saw the image of the girls and their mom on my Facebook timeline photo and asked me if I took it because she couldn’t find it on my blog.  Let me be SO clear – any image posted on my blog, website or Facebook is mine.

I have to say, this was one of my favorite sessions ever – I connected with this client so instantly and she was happy to spend a whole afternoon together and have me travel to their Hamptons home to do so.  Spending all that time allowed for a very natural, un-posed, lifestyle kind of session.  It’s my favorite kind of work, but it takes a lot of hang out time and not everyone wants to do that.   I hope that these images will give you an idea about why I tell my moms to relax and go with the flow.  This is what happens!  As Martha says, it’s a good thing.

We had two locations – the beach in front of their beautiful home, and the stables nearby where they ride.   A photographer’s dream.

I’m not going to write a lot in this session like I normally do.  I think the images do the talking…  I hope you like them.

Also, for Pinners – if you would like to pin, no problem!  Please just include my name in your pin comment.  The first image can be pinned via your pin it toolbar, and the second via the Pin button on the bottom of the post.  I know, it’s confusing.  See why I need a new webpage?  ANNOYING!  ;)  xo, c


after the beach, we moved on to the stables…

Sugar and spice and everything nice…

Had a great weekend – the Giants won!!  Was very excited over at my house as we are all pretty big Giants fans.  (Cape Cod clients, don’t hold it against me!!)  Before I got my Superbowl party going I had the pleasure of spending the morning with this little girl to have her one year birthday shots taken.  Her mom had a blast with outfit changes – and I love outfit changes…  all the options, it was fantastic.

Here are a few from our morning together.  This little one was such all girl – and with all the guys in my house, it was a sweet change for a few hours!

I always start with my favorite on a blog post.  But I had two favorites, so I’m starting with the one I didn’t put on facebook earlier this week….

I saw the chair when I walked in, then the sweater sitting on the table and knew I had the perfect little toy to match and keep her occupied on that pretty white suede chair…  I love the soft tone of it and her adorable face!



Mom LOOOOVES tutus.  Totally a girly girl and it was so much fun.


And favorite number two…  after seeing this her Mom told me it is “SO her!”  I love hearing that!


And one more because I just think she looks so pretty here and I love the pop of color…


Edited to add…  I couldn’t forget this one!!  I don’t want her Mom to think I didn’t get one of her ear to ear smile that she loves so much!

Thanks for a wonderful morning!

And thanks to the Giants for a great night!

Late Fall, a little look back.

My month of quiet is almost over, so you’ll be getting some new posts soon.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of family time, a couple trips, and have been designing all the albums that had to wait for the holiday rush to be over.  It’s been so nice to rest for a bit and now I’m fully re-charged and can’t wait to start some exciting things this year!

In the meantime…  This is a session that I LOVED from late fall.  I had so much fun with this loving family – their love for each other just oozed from them, so naturally.  I just adored them and there was hugs all around at the end of the session.

I am starting with my favorite images – mom got in for just a few frames and they make me smile so much.  Every mom should have a cuddle session photo like this.  There are too many time we are NOT in the picture… right moms???  It makes my heart smile.  Really, I mean, don’t you just want to go and hug them all?


The weather was so strange.  There was this odd misty fog that literally rolled in.  We WATCHED it roll in.  It was so bizarre.  Different light than I have ever shot in, but I was kind of into it!

Such pretty girls!  I love that her Hello Kitty ring is on here.


This is what I mean about the different light.  Do you see the fog behind them?  It looks like a fake backdrop, right?  Nope, right here in Rye, NY…

Thanks for visiting!