Coming Soon…

Hello!  I know, I’m dusting off the old blog.  The new website is so close to being finished, I can’t wait to share it with you!  It’s going to be so nice and a great representation of who I am.  I am so excited!

In other news, a little policy change here at CCP…  I am no longer doing full maternity sessions.  They will only be available now as an add on to newborn sessions (which is a pretty great deal!)  I will be offering mini-maternity sessions to clients who book for newborns.  I think it will be a great way to get to know moms before hand and it will make my schedule a little lighter too to make sure my clients are getting the best from me.

Here is a beautiful first time mom to be to give you a little maternity love.  I adore the colors here so much and she is just stunning.



And this guy showed up a few months later.  What a dream he is!!

Will be in touch soon – hopefully with a new website to show you!
In the meantime, if you would like to see what I’m up to on a more regular basis, please ‘like’ my facebook page – I update it almost daily!

It’s a Good Life

I wanted to wrap up 2011 the right way, with a little video of my amazing clients and their kids.  I know I say it all the time, but I really love doing this so much.  I feel so lucky to be brought into your lives for the few hours we shoot together – I get to know you all rather quickly and I love that immensely.

I can’t thank you enough for your support of Cristina Coco Photography.  This year brought me three times the clients as last year, a new employee (thank God for Kelly!), and a connection to this craft that I only dreamed of.

Enjoy the video.  I think you’ll like it.  I know I could watch your kids’ beautiful faces all day.

(p.s. – if you would like to see it bigger, go directly to the youtube page – YOUTUBE LINK TO VIDEO – it drives me crazy that it is so small on here.)

Much, much love and a wishes for a fantastic 2012.



Parlez vous francais?

I don’t.  Well, except for a few years in high school where I was once called a French wizard by Madame W, I’m afraid my foreign language skills are severally lacking.

Raphaelle and her family are French Canadian, and just moved here less than a year ago.  Both parents speak English perfectly, but their daughter being only three prefers to speak in French.  Which is a little bit of a challenge as I tend to get all silly with kids and with a language barrier  it takes a little longer to sway them to my side…  You all know by now I love a challenge.

I finally got through when I asked her what princesses she likes.  (Her reply, tout!  (all of them))  That and there were so many flies that day, me swatting them away became a little joke for us.

Raphaelle is one of those bubbly, happy sorts who just puts you in a good mood!  She was so sweet, as was all her family.  She’s due next month and I can’t wait to meet her little girl!

I loved this of the two of them.  Or three, depending on how you look at it.


After about an hour…

Can’t you just see how nice she is?


I love this shot of her eyes…


and have a happy heart with this one.


And one very french pout to end this little post.