Northeast Doulas

About three and a half years ago I was in quite a pickle.

A colicky newborn and a husband who had to travel for business made the whole new mommy thing really tough for me.  I was struggling, crying, majorly sleep deprived and I’m pretty sure on the border of losing my mind.

A friend of my husband’s recommended Northeast Doulas to me.  “They are all about the Mom!” he said.  “They are wonderful, will help with the baby, the laundry, the sleepless nights – call them!”  I did in about 3 seconds after hanging up with him.

Debbie answered the phone and my life changed.  I had a night time doula a few nights a week for two months.  She fed my son, held him while he cried and fussed and did I mention?  HE DID NOT SLEEP!  I was able to catch up on sleep three nights a week and I was a normal person again.  My doulas were Kelly and Debbie and without them I really think I might have lost it.  Colicky babies are not fun, but I swear it helped me be better and more patient with the newborns I photograph weekly.  AND I got to meet Debbie.  Everything does happen for a reason, right?

Debbie and I kept in touch and I am happy to say we now share some of the same clients.  I am proud to be associated with them as a photographer they suggest to their wonderful moms!

Last week I photographed head shots for their new and improved website that is coming soon.  Not my usual gig, I’m not often photographing people over 4’11, but I was so happy to work with these amazing ladies!  Trust me, if you are looking for help after your baby is born, or would like assistance during the birth of your child – they are without a doubt the people to call!  Check out their website here – soon to be updated!  NORTHEAST DOULAS

I present the beautiful ladies of Northeast Doulas!


These are the amazing business partners of Northeast Doulas, Debbie and Randy.


And of course, one of them had a baby with them.  I couldn’t help myself…


Thanks ladies!  I was an honor to chat with all of you!