Welcome to Cristina Coco Photography Studio, Rye, NY

I’ve been wanting to show you a peek inside the studio for quite some time now!  I finally took some interior shots to share with you.  The studio has been a dream for such a long time.  I really wanted it to be calming and peaceful and love the reaction my clients and friends have when they walk through the door.  I also really wanted it to be fun and kid friendly.  Which is why, this is one of the first thing that greets you when you walk in the door…

Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0007Yes, a swing.  I’d always wanted to put one in my house, but I thought work would be the best place to remind me to stay kid like every day.

It’s a small spot, and exactly what I needed.  I’ve managed to give myself a nice work area and a perfect shooting room for babies and small kids.  I’ve also been doing a ton of head shots for authors, bloggers and corporate.  Most importantly, my Sweet and Simple Sessions have been such a popular item lately.  See a HERE to learn more about them – they are the mini sessions I have available all year long, no more waiting once or twice a year.  I am so happy to be able to offer studio work to my clients and cannot believe how much I’ve grown to enjoy them.

Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0006



A shot of the my favorite new product offering – acrylic.  I am such a fan of how beautiful this looks in every home that has ordered them so far.  It’s something you have to see in person, so please stop by and take a look!

Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0008 Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0011

Anyone that knows me knows how I love my coffee…Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0009

Cristina Coco Photography Studio_0010


Cristina Coco Photography Studio is located at 269 Purchase Street in Rye, NY.  Would love to see you soon!

Oh My Goodness. Child Photographer Westchester, NY


Gosh, I’ve finally gotten to a blog post.   This business is so wonderful and I adore every second… but I have to say, the social media part of it is not my strong point.  I love to share my images of my amazing clients, but it is so time consuming!

I picked the peek-a-boo image above because I’m sort of hiding here behind my computer with embarrassment.  I’m sure my clients would rather have me shooting and editing anyway!  ;)


If you follow me on FB, you know that I love to get moms in the picture.  Here is a beautiful one for the moms out there.  Make sure you are in photographs!


30 Day Real-Life Photography Challenge – Westchester Moms, are you in?


So winter won’t leave Westchester.  Family photos get pushed aside for a little bit.  Besides the family vacation, your camera is probably in a drawer somewhere until a first tooth falls out or a birthday party rolls around.  It’s cold and we’re stuck inside with snowy, dreary days at home.   Yuck.

Well, in my house – it’s when I start using my camera more.  I know, strange, right?  I pull it out when we are in our pajamas, playing board games.  It’s not the pretty, sunny pictures of the summer, for sure.  It’s our real life in New York, though! 

I love these little images so much I make a small album every season to get them off my phone and on my coffee table.  Everyone that comes over loves looking at them and it gave me an idea for a challenge for all the moms out there.  30 days. A picture a day.  Life as you see it.


So I’m offering a challenge.  Here are the rules!

– Make sure to take one picture a day for the whole month.

– Keep your camera near you at all times.  On the kitchen counter or in your purse.

– IPhone pictures are allowed, but try to use your ‘real’ camera too.

– Try to not do a posed image or a “CHEESE!” photo.

– Take the in-the-moment photo.  Your everyday.  Those little moments that make you melt a little inside.

– No cleaning up your house for the images.  I don’t want this to be work!  Look at my example below, you’ll see food on the countertops, etc.  That’s life, right?


Some photography tips:

-Get down to different angles then normal. Try some creative shots – in a mirror, through a doorway or window to make them even more interesting.

-Get kids being silly.  That’s who they are.  Perfection is NOT allowed.

-Also look for those quiet moments, i.e., looking out the window, daydreaming with warm sunlight around them, reading a book in bed, etc.

-If an image is a little dark, Instagram is great as the filters tend to lighten the center of the images for you.  It’s your own personal Photoshop.

– For the older kids, have them join along.  Make it a family project!

– Plan to make an album at the end.  I guarantee it will be one of the favorite albums you have.  Arifact Uprising sells my favorites for my mini albums!

– Selfies with kids are totally allowed. Moms are not in the picture enough and we need to be!  There is a great new app called CamMe.   You prop up your camera and hold up your hand and it takes a photo without you holding it.


So, are you in?  30 days, a picture a day. Of your REAL life.  Yes, they might not be professional photographer sort of images.  It doesn’t matter.  They are yours and that makes them perfect.  I promise you will love them all and appreciate those snowed in family days even more.

If you are instagram, use #cocophoto30 as a hashtag and we can do it together!  Follow me here @cristinacocophoto or hit the instagram tab on the left side of the blog.  If you want to comment below with your Instagram name I’ll make sure to follow you!


I only showed Instagram picture here as a reminder:  you do NOT have to be a photographer.  No fancy camera took these shots.  Just think a little bit outside the box and get in some photos, will ya?



This is the picture that gave me the idea.  Moms need to be in more photographs.  Taken on vacation last week, a second after a selfie where we were both looking at the camera.  I hit it again by accident and it caught us looking at each other.  I love it so much.  If you get one shot that makes you as happy as this image makes me it will be so worth it!


I cannot wait to see what you do!

much love,










My Little Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I recently photographed some hats for Sweet Penelope Knitts on my son for the launch of their new boys hat collection, SPK.  It has been snowing and just awful out, and I love trying new things…  so you’ll notice this is a different look for me – indoors!  I really have to say, I loved it and hope to be doing more soon.  I daydream of a studio someday, and while I know it’s a huge undertaking it will be a reality in the future.  If anyone knows of a nice space in lower/mid Westchester or Greenwich with natural light, please let me know.  It doesn’t have to be big!  Doesn’t hurt to put that out there, right?  ;)  I’ve been looking forever!

So here is my little guy, who isn’t so little anymore.  I figured since it was Valentine’s Day it would be the perfect time to show the sweet boy who has my heart…

cristina coco commercial child photographer

child commercial photography westchester

new york commercial child photographer


A Finished Project
"the big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." -joseph campbell

Completing this new site was a bit of an adventure!  After a lot of time, thought, back and forth collaborations, and even a random hacker attacking my site during the middle of our job…  I am finally able to present my new website to you.   I hadn’t worked on my site since the beginning of 2009, when I officially started this business, so it was a big deal!  I’ve grown so much in 4 years, in my work and as a business, and I really wanted my site to reflect who I’ve become.

A big thanks to Ryan at Second Street Creative for understanding how my mind works even when I had trouble getting it into words.  (According to my husband, that happens a lot…)  It was so cool to work with someone who got me and I can’t recommend his work enough.

So please, take a look around!  You’ll see that now I have one site – blog, portfolio, information…  all in one neat package.  Pretty new colors for my branding (everything was inspired by the beach and sea glass) and an evolution of my logo.   Bright and clean so the images would be the focus.  (No pun intended, ha.)  Last thing, I promise I will blog more.  It’s on the calendar already.  Now that I have such a pretty place to call home, how could I not?

In the meantime…  a few images from a recent session.  It’s a photography blog after all…

This is the second time I’ve photographed this beautiful Rye family.  They are wonderfully laid back and sweet and it’s such a pleasure working with them.  We had our hands fantastically full with three kids under three and a half, it was a great Saturday morning!

child photographer Cristina Coco Greenwich

Westchester Family Photographer Cristina Coco

Rye Child Photographer Cristina Coco

Westchester Newborn Photography Cristina Coco

One last thing!  A huge thank you to my good friend, the extremely talented Stephanie Piscitelli of Bellini Portraits for taking my long overdue profile picture for this site.  She is amazingly talented and if you are in the Boston area, give her a call – she is incredible!