Westchester Baby Photography – Baby and Mom on the Beach

All the craziness of the October season, but wanted to show I’m still here, just busy as heck   If you want to see my most recent work, please head over and like my Facebook page, as I’m much better at uploading one image over there!  Just follow the link on the left column.

My favorite image this week – I love that my client trusts me enough to bring her 12 week old to the beach for a couple mom and baby shots.  I’ve been dying to photograph this little one after so many years of photographing her sister.  So beautiful!

Happy Fall everyone!

Westchester Rye Baby Photographer

Oh My Goodness. Child Photographer Westchester, NY


Gosh, I’ve finally gotten to a blog post.   This business is so wonderful and I adore every second… but I have to say, the social media part of it is not my strong point.  I love to share my images of my amazing clients, but it is so time consuming!

I picked the peek-a-boo image above because I’m sort of hiding here behind my computer with embarrassment.  I’m sure my clients would rather have me shooting and editing anyway!  ;)


If you follow me on FB, you know that I love to get moms in the picture.  Here is a beautiful one for the moms out there.  Make sure you are in photographs!


Big Brother Joy : Rye NY Child Photographer

I loved this session.  I loved it til my heart sang and I’m telling you, I had a high afterwards.  The reason was a little guy who had a laugh that could make even the grumpiest old man smile.  He was smart, funny, and I seriously wanted to adopt him after our time together.

child photographer Cristina Coco RYE

He just became a big brother and was so excited and proud.  I can’t imagine what an incredible big brother he will be.

Rye newborn photography


His little brother is just so cute too!  He really liked to eat, which is why I got to spend so much time with his older brother.

Westchester Baby Photography Cristina Coco

This last image is one of the my most favorite laughs I’ve gotten in a while.  You can’t fake pure joy.  It comes from the belly and soars past the heart.  When it releases, you get this.

2 Rye westchester childrens photographer

(e.t.a) Someone on facebook asked why I didn’t include this one because they loved it.  lol.  Ok, just one more!  ;)Breanne_47


indoor bright : westchester newborn photography

I had the pleasure of photographing this two beauties this winter.  Their home was so warm and bright – photographers love nothing more than walking into a room with floor to ceiling windows – ahhh, the bright light!  So perfect for these little personalities.  I have had so many indoor sessions this winter – I am so excited to start shooting outside again this week!  It’s been so cold, bring on the sun, Mother Nature!


New York westchester newborn photography

Rye westchester newborn photography

westchester child photographer

Westchester photographer

And one more…  it’s so different from what I normally do, but for some reason I just love it.

westchester kids photography


A Finished Project
"the big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." -joseph campbell

Completing this new site was a bit of an adventure!  After a lot of time, thought, back and forth collaborations, and even a random hacker attacking my site during the middle of our job…  I am finally able to present my new website to you.   I hadn’t worked on my site since the beginning of 2009, when I officially started this business, so it was a big deal!  I’ve grown so much in 4 years, in my work and as a business, and I really wanted my site to reflect who I’ve become.

A big thanks to Ryan at Second Street Creative for understanding how my mind works even when I had trouble getting it into words.  (According to my husband, that happens a lot…)  It was so cool to work with someone who got me and I can’t recommend his work enough.

So please, take a look around!  You’ll see that now I have one site – blog, portfolio, information…  all in one neat package.  Pretty new colors for my branding (everything was inspired by the beach and sea glass) and an evolution of my logo.   Bright and clean so the images would be the focus.  (No pun intended, ha.)  Last thing, I promise I will blog more.  It’s on the calendar already.  Now that I have such a pretty place to call home, how could I not?

In the meantime…  a few images from a recent session.  It’s a photography blog after all…

This is the second time I’ve photographed this beautiful Rye family.  They are wonderfully laid back and sweet and it’s such a pleasure working with them.  We had our hands fantastically full with three kids under three and a half, it was a great Saturday morning!

child photographer Cristina Coco Greenwich

Westchester Family Photographer Cristina Coco

Rye Child Photographer Cristina Coco

Westchester Newborn Photography Cristina Coco

One last thing!  A huge thank you to my good friend, the extremely talented Stephanie Piscitelli of Bellini Portraits for taking my long overdue profile picture for this site.  She is amazingly talented and if you are in the Boston area, give her a call – she is incredible!