California Girls

I am skipping blog entries, I know.  I’ve been a terrible, terrible blogger!  I suppose I’m just in summer mode – something has got to give and I’m afraid it’s my blog.  I’m sure you are all in the summer mode too – although I think the end of summer is looming as my phone is starting to ring a little more and my email box is a little more full.  People are getting ready for those fall portraits so if you haven’t booked yet, get moving!  It’s filling up really fast this year!  I love planners.

I just had to share these two beautiful girls though, even in my summer-blog-hookey-mode.  They are actually from California, but their mom and I went to the same high school and connected over facebook.  She was in Cape Cod this summer and had me come to photograph her little ladies.  It was so much fun and so gorgeous by the water!  A photographer’s dream.  Beautiful light and scenery and adorable girls to photograph.  Sigh!

I am loving this shot.  Big time.

Cristina Coco Photography

Her little sister with the rose before we decided to start tossing petals…


I’m pretty sure if I had to I could go to this house and photograph her every day.


Her too…

Oh, and did I mention there was a dock?


Anne, it was so nice seeing you after all these years!  Thank you for sharing your girls with me on a cloudy afternoon!

  • Christine


  • Sandra Bludau

    The “throwing petals” is so cool! Beautiful as always.

  • stephanie

    beautiful girls! love that first shot!