Boys will be boys…

And these three were no exception to the rule!  This was a combination newborn and kid shot – which is fun for me because we get a little bit of everything going on.  Hard to do a newborn with a short time frame though – newborn sessions can go from 1 to 4 hours (depending on their sleep schedule) so this was only a half hour.  Not quite enough time to get him sleepy, but we tried!  Needless to say, this little 7 week old was sort of feeling like this about me taking his picture.


Still got a couple of cute shots, so I hope we got something nice for the announcement!


Then we headed out to their golf club to play what these boys love – GOLF!  They were having so much fun, and it was a blast getting to know them!



This isn’t my favorite shot of the three of them (that one will remain a highlight for their holiday card, not the blog!) but it’s still cute!

jeannie4Thanks to Jeannie and her boys for a fun afternoon!!

  • Amy

    the golfing one is sooooooooooo CUTE!!

  • Ange

    Very handsome kids!