Boys will be Boys… {Cristina Coco Photography, Westchester Family Photographer}

Three boys.  Wow.

I have one and I’m always impressed with the moms who have two.  Then three?  They deserve some sort of peace prize as it’s constant negotiations, I swear…

These three were polite and sweet, but give ’em a second and they would be acting exactly like they should!  I got such a kick out of their brotherly nature.  Playing beautifully side by side one minute, then tossing wet newspaper boats at each other three seconds later.  LOVE it.

For example – I wanted something sort of beachy/brotherly without getting too cutsie.  I made these newspaper boats and it was really cute for a moment.  Then the boat fight began!  Made the photos even better.

This guy usually wears glasses, but he wanted to show me the bump on his nose.  He’s pretty darn handsome, don’t you think?  I wish he had his glasses on for this picture, as I just LOVE his expression.

Happy guy!  Too cute!

And his older brother told me this was his “Blue Steel” look.  It works.

Thanks for a great evening Shannon and Joe!

  • april todd

    love them!! The paper boat idea is perfection!

  • Julie Sowers

    What a great idea!!! These images are just full or personality and preciousness! (Can I say that about boys’ images?)

  • Mollie Kendall

    Just GORgeous images, Cristina!! The family is gorgeous and the light is stunning!! Great work :)

  • Christine DeSavino

    These are just beautiful, Coco! LOVE!

  • Kelly Konstanty

    Those came out great honey!!!! Awesome work!

  • Tim Pham

    i love how light and airy your post is. beautiful family!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    I just adore the story these photographs tell. Beautiful work!

  • Haley Lancaster

    those boat pics care classic- love your stlye! xo

  • Cristina

    Thanks everyone! It was SUCH a fun session!