Blog Love

I’ve been away, and when I go away so does my love for my blog.  Poor little blog, he really doesn’t get the respect he deserves.  I had this session over a week ago but it hadn’t been posted.  That’s a total shame, because these kids are too adorable not to share with you.

I’ll make Mr. Blog feel better with a post on this sweet family.  I mean, give me a little guy who laughs at every face I make and a three year old with blonde ringlets?  Heaven.

That laugh I just mentioned?  This is the face.  Come on now… he made me laugh more than I made him laugh!

And these are the ringlets…

They were just so sweet…

The whole family was beautiful!  I love the drooly shirt too…

and just some more of that fab hair before I sign off for the day.  have a good one!


  • stephanie

    ohhhhh that last shot! it’s just magical!!!