bello piccolo Angelo {Cristina Portale Coco, baby photographer westchester}

I loved this little session. Angelo just turned one and you all know how I feel about one year olds! That being said, we kind of had everything against us – we were limited to full sun hours because of Angelo’s nap schedule and we didn’t have a big open field to shoot in because this little guy is from the Bronx! I loved where Angelo lives – reminds me of my dad’s neighborhood growing up and all that Italian-ness made me feel right at home.

Which is why when I saw the clotheslines and big red picnic table I KNEW we had to use them. Angelo’s grandmother thought I was a little ‘matto’. (If I remember my Italian from way back in my travel days, that means crazy. Then again, my Italian is just stinky, so I could be saying something waaaaay different….)

This is what the clothesline brought us, Nonna. I love it!!

Here is he is all his one year old beautifulness.  Hmm, not sure that’s technically even an English word?  Oh, well.  You know what I mean.

He was just the happiest little man.  Loved to dance and clap!  SO cute!!!

Ok, one last attempt at sophomore year of college Italian class – it’ll be a simple one…

Che bella famiglia! Grazie, Francesca!

  • Erin C.

    SO stinkin cute! LOVE it!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    Beautifulness is the best way to describe him. :) Love all of these!!

  • Andrea Hallett

    I love the color and style of these -what a sweet little guy!

  • Stephanie

    oh heck ya. love the clothesline. perfection. looks like you’ve come out of your creativity funk?!

  • Chantel

    Awe how precious!

  • Christine DeSavino

    Clothesline idea > genius!!! Beautiful as usual!