Before a long goodbye…

Every year I come to Cape Cod I’m lucky to have a bunch of my college friends schedule their vacations while I’m here.  Becky comes up every fourth of July and I am so lucky to get to see her as she lives all the way in Arizona (way, way too far away).  We have so much fun together and laugh like we used to laugh when we were 21 – isn’t it incredible how certain friends can make you laugh like that?  That’s what my college friends are to me, some sort of wild laughter time machine where everything is always funny and no one fights.  (seriously, all my college girls never argue – it’s bizarre)

This year’s trip was a bit bitter sweet for Becky’s family as her husband Greg is getting ready to deploy for Afghanistan for a year.  It was their last family vacation for a while, and I was so honored that Becky asked me to capture their family for some photos for Greg to take with him.

First we started on little Ian at my house.  The light in my guest room is AMAZING, and little Ian was happy to play with me while mom needed to do some work.  Yes, this is what I do when I babysit!!

There are about 20 more looking just as cute, but this post is about the family, so I’ll continue there.  Although I would really like to show you all dang 20 because they are so adorable!!

Later that afternoon we headed to the beach – when we got there (literally, like right when we got there) a ton of fog rolled in so I didn’t get to play around with the sun like I wanted to.  That being said, an overcast sky is like a huge lightbox, so it worked out with Becky’s oldest running me all over the beach!  I got her sitting still at one point though!

Shouldn’t every little girl have a picture like this with her dad?  I think so…

I love this one, I hope you guys do too…

I’m always so amazed by the humble nature of these men and women that voluntarily serve for our country.  It’s second nature to them – a calling that only a few hear and answer to.  It’s just what they feel they have to do.  In a strange way, it completes them.  It just impresses the heck out of me and I hope Greg knows how much I think of him and what he’s doing.  Lots of love and luck to you, Greg and God Bless!

  • jill

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!

  • Bonnie Rothenstein

    These photos are incredible – all of them. What a beautiful family. The father daughter photo is priceless – I look forward to seeing your incredible pics!!!

  • Stephanie

    The light in the first set of shots of Ian is to die for! Beautiful, Cristina!

  • doreen

    As usual Cristina these photos are amazing…beautiful family! Thank Greg (and his family) for the incredible sacrifices they make for our freedom and for protecting our country!

  • Christine DeSavino

    What wonderful family captures, Cristina! Especially love the baby shots and dad swinging his daughter – your right, we should all have one of those! :)

  • Margaret Shepherd

    Beautiful photos and beautiful words!

  • Kelly Konstanty

    Those came out awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see them all. You are amazing!

  • Matt

    Fan-freakin’-tastic light, Cristina. Great images!

  • Tim Pham

    OMG! the second to last picture looks like a photo that came right out of a movie! Makes me want to have a kid just so I can have you take one just like that for me!