Baby Baby Baby

I had the pleasure of meeting this little girl recently.  She and her lovely parents just moved to Westchester and their home was so lovely in the sweetest little neighborhood.  It reminded me of a friend’s home I knew as a child on an adorable, quaint street, bungalow-style homes… right near the beach.  We had a nice day and we even got to take some non-jacket pictures outside!


This cute hat was on her head for all of 1.2 seconds.  We tried a bunch, but she took it off as soon as we put it on, it was hysterical.  All it takes is one sometimes, though!

In the same studio-like set up…  The hat was gone.  She loved this stretchy blanket I had, she had so much fun pulling it – so much so it pulled her right back!



I love how much she adores reading…  she sat for so long turning pages, showing us the pictures.  It was so sweet.

How precious is she?

Welcome to Westchester, it was great getting to know you all!