Babe in a bowl… {westchester and fairfield county baby photographer}

I think I’ll call this the bowl session.  Mostly because, at 7 months old it was the only way mom and I could keep him from putting dirt, grass, sand, and rocks in his mouth!  Luckily I have this big deep wooden bowl I bought at a tag sale years ago and it served it’s purpose well!

We started this session at the beach, and it didn’t quite go as planned.  Apparently, our little friend (as cute and sweet and adorable as he was) was just not in a beach kind of mood.  Got a couple of cute shots like this –


but unfortunately, most of the beach shots looked like this.  (you all know I love me at least one crying shot – this one killed me!)


After a trip back to his house we decided to plop him in the pachysandra (I had to look up the spelling on that one) and back came the bowl!  He was in a MUCH better mood by that point!

ivybabyIt was so great meeting you Allison!  Thanks for the beautiful tour of Rowayton!

  • Lisa T

    What an adorable little man! I love the bowl.

  • Julie Sowers

    These are adorable!!! I love the crying one. It belongs in a magazine….or on a bathroom wall…or in a patio porch…get it? He does look more agreeable later. Precious captures!

  • Rachel L.

    just adorable! i love them all! i love the crying shot. it’s just precious!

  • Michele

    beautiful. the crying one kills me. that’s certainly a keeper!

  • haley b

    so cute! that crying one is hilarious! and i do love the last one!!!

  • Haley Lancaster

    Love that crying shot! really- i think it is so so so beautiful :)

  • Sharon

    Awesome! I LOVE the bowl shot in the greenery. Beautiful!

  • Matt

    Baby boy basking in a brown bowl on the beach. Beautiful! … and brilliant!

  • Crystal DelaHoz

    OMG!!!! That crying shot KILLS me. I love it so much!!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    Absolutely breathtaking! Love it!!

  • Melissa

    That last one belongs on a BIG BIG BIG canvas!

  • Cristina

    Thank you everyone! I love the crying shot too!! :)

  • Cristina

    Melissa, I totally agree!!!

  • Amy

    beautiful shots! i love the crying shot too. :)