Another 3!

I’ve decided that three is the new two in Westchester when it comes to kids!  I swear I have more three children families booked for this summer than any other amount!

I’ve been a bit busy and my poor old blog has been a bit neglected.  I actually was away in Texas for a week for an AMAZING, inspiring photography class/conference/seminar and I feel totally refreshed and ready to hit the busy season!

So let’s start my new energy with these three – too cute and sweet for words.  It was a family gathering so it was a little different than my usual kid focused sessions.  After all, I don’t just play a game of football with just anyone now!

It was really fun meeting you all.  More to follow soon!



This little guy was SO over me by this point.  Which is why I love this image!



  • Melissa

    Love the pucker lips. Like he wants a big kiss from his momma! What amazing eyes he has.

  • Christine DeSavino

    LOVE the “over you” shot!! Nice work!

  • Julie Sowers

    I love the “So over you” image! The color is awesome and the eyes on these children are beautiful!

  • Mollie Kendall

    haha – over you. Too cute. These shots are beautiful ♥ Very sweet!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    I love the color in these! Great pictures!